A Sad Day For Farming On Faith~

I will never forget how excited we were to go get our baby chicks. It was the night before Easter~it was a special Holiday delivery for sure. My 12 little chicks were as cute and fluffy as could be. I was such a proud Momma Hen. I researched all that it would take to keep these little balls of fluff alive. It was a tough job for the first 8 weeks. My girls grew and became pets. They all were given names and have added life around our little hobby farm. I have been so excited to keep all 12 of them safe and sound until today. I am sad because today we lost Margo.  We believe that whatever got her came from the sky for there were no tracks in the snow. What a sad day it is for sure!


  1. Dear Carrie,
    I'm so sorry to hear that you have lost one of your sweet pets.

  2. That's so sad. We have had hawks hovering lately too.

    Our girls run in their hen house when they see them.

    Blessings Gail

  3. I am so sorry and know that pain, last spring I was like you, such a proud mamma of 10. Watched them like a hawk mamma. One day I let them out under the pine trees and when it came time to bring them in I found 9 and a small pile of white feathers.
    My and all my sweet grand kids were broken harted.
    It is silly to get so attached but we do.
    May God ease your pain.
    love from one mamma hen to another
    smiller from millermessages.blogspot.com

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss Carrie (((hug)))
    I had 3 guinea pigs die from heat exhaustion (it's been extrememly hot over the weekend).... I'm still shocked and coming to terms with their sudden passing, also.

  5. OH NO!! I am so sorry to hear this! We lost a kitten we think the same way maybe an owl?? ~A sad day indeed~ Love Heather

  6. Sounds like a eagle, so sorry! This is the hard part of having farm animals, it never gets easier! Hugs!

  7. Dear Carrie,
    I'm so sorry to hear you lost one of your "girls". Hope you don't mind I share something with you that my Mom used to say to me when I lost a pet, had a spat with a girlfriend,etc. She said this to me so many times and I never really got it until I matured.
    My Mom's words of comfort " A tender heart is often hurt but a tender heart is close to the Father and the Father is close to the tender heart". Simple words full of so much truth and comfort. ~Janis

  8. I'm sorry, Carrie. It is sad when one of our pets is harmed or we lose them to predators. Over the last twelve years, we've lost so many and it breaks your heart.


  9. I'm so sorry on your loss...I completely understand. It is devestating to lose a girl!

  10. So sorry for your loss. Golly things like this can happen so fast. Take care.

  11. I feel your pain some what. However mine is not a hobby farm you feel defeated when you discover you have some chicks missing. We had our battles. When we first started a female barn cat thought they would make a tasty treat for her kittens and till we found a new home for mommy cat (another farm far far away.) she cleared out 20 chicks. They were all big enough to not be under heat hence why they were so susceptible.

    I was out in our barn feeding our flock and herd (cows) when filling our cows water tub i thought i seen a chunk of ice floating .. and I looked closer. A opossum. UGGGGG- I had to drain the water refill it and count the chickens. How ever I don't think it got any. I think it might have gotten to the nest of eggs that one hen keeps escaping the pen and laying them up along one wall of our barn. Well. That full belly did no good for the opossum.

    Chin up!


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