Friday, July 15, 2011

A Tragic Reminder~

Yesterday our day started with a wonderful breakfast cooked by Aunt Kim in the mountains in Colorado. We packed up and headed down the long windy roads of the mountains. We had the best time in our little rented condo in the mountains.  I have pictures that I will share soon of a giant moose we made friends with the night before we left~ well we did get close to him until he started coming too close. After our goodbyes~ we got back on the road and headed across the bad lands of Wyoming~ I know why they are called the “bad lands.” There was nothing but antelope for hours.

Until we came upon a small road warning that said “Wreck Ahead.”  I never had seen a sign warning of an upcoming wreck. In the middle of  nowhere was a horrible accident. One car was cut in two in order to get the person inside out. The other car had the driver side draped with a blanket for privacy. Some loved one would receive news that day that their loved one would not be coming home. In the middle of the road was a white tennis shoe~ I couldn’t help but wonder who had tied that shoe that morning. They did not know what would transpire that day~ a horrible accident would forever change their life.  We slowly passed by ~with sobering thoughts. I wonder if they too were on vacation or just heading home. I could not help but think as we drove on and stopped at a rest stop how life for everyone else was going on as normal and our family would go on to enjoy our vacation.  Not so for one family~ life would not go on as normal today.

The Bible tells us that this life is a vapor~ it is short lived. Later that night as I watched the lighting ceremony at Mount Rushmore our family watched videos and studied about the people who gave us the national monument. I once again was faced with the reality that my time here on this earth is short.  As I looked at pictures of 400 men who worked on our National Monument and even watched videos of some who were taped before they passed from this life. I could not help but think that one day I will be history only to be remembered by those that love me.

James 4:14 (KJV)

 Whereas ye know not what shall be on the morrow. For what is your life? It is even a vapour, that appeareth for a little time, and then vanisheth away.

What we think is so important is not important at all when it is all said and done. The Bible tells us our life is but a vapor. As I drove by that accident I could only hope that the soul that passed from life unto death knew Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. If today life tragically came to an end ~do you know for sure that you will spend eternity in Heaven?  Did you know that the Bible says we can have a home in Heaven and know for sure with complete confidence that our reservation is signed, sealed and stamped paid? If you have never accepted Christ as your Savior~ please may I persuade you to do so today?  It is the best decision you could ever make. My life has been forever changed. My hearts desire is that you accept Him as Lord and Saviour.

Click here to find our how to make your reservation.

May we all hug our loved ones a little tighter and lighten up and cherish each and every moment we have on this life~ for one day we will wake up to put on our shoes for the very last time.  When that day comes for me~ I want to know that I am right with God and that those I love will know that I love them and that my life pointed them in the direction to go on and serve God until the last day they put on their shoes  for the very last time.

My thoughts and prayers are with the family that lost their loved one!


Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, so sorry to read this post...but you are also very is short. Life is definitely like a vapour. Each day I wake up thanking God for life and breath and my family. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring...but I life for today in light of eternity.

Great post.


mommyx12 said...

How sad is that? It does make you stop and think for sure. We too were in Colorado for the last nearly 2 weeks enjoying our loved ones. We really need to grab the moments while we can because you never can be sure what the future holds.


Tina said...

Such a beautiful post..and another reminder of just how short life can be.
Thank you for your words of inspiration...I really enjoy your blog.
God Bless!

Melissa said...

:-( It is so hard to get pictures like that out of your head and to not ache for that family. I am sorry you had to see it. Be safe coming home!

mountain mama said...

life is short and i think we are smart be soaking in those litle {or big} reminders. God bless those families effected, Lord be with them.

Marmee's Pantry said...

Amen, Dearest. God reminds at times, in places & when ways that we least expect, doesn't He? Having suddenly lost a daughter & my dear Daddy suddenly ~ I am well aware that we are not promised tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I've been to Mt. Rushmore, too, back in 1969 when I was 10 yrs old. Very cool.

Blessings from Ohio...Kim<><

Cheryl said...

This sure does make you think. Yesterday my daughter~in~law got news that here grandmother had died. Was out picking berries and peas at a farm and just collapsed. No major health problems and only 72. Makes one realize how fragile our lives are, we never know when the Lord may call us home.

Camille said...

I'm sorry you witnessed such a tragic thing Carrie! How horrible! Yes, these things surely do put into perspective eternity, don't they? I will pray for the families involved in these tragic events. May the LORD minister HIS grace to those left behind.

Many Blessings,

notes of sincerity said...

What a tragedy. I too hope the deceased knew the Lord and passed into His presence.
Several months ago, my husband worked his first fatality, in the local volunteer fire department. He was first on scene, and all I could think about was, the family she left behind. How we rush about getting from one point to the next, and how quickly life can change.
In a twinkling of an eye ....

Barbara said...

How horrible to have to see such a bad accident, it embeds our minds for a very long time too, I just pray those were saved. I am glad you are having a good time in the Rockies, we have been all up in them also, and it is the most beautiful place on earth. God bless you and praying for your safe return home soon, hugs my dear friend, and have fun.



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