Friday, November 11, 2011

Scents Of The Season~ Bath Salt Recipe ~Frugal Gift Idea

Scents of The Season Bath Salt Recipe~

3 packages of flavored Kool-Aid ( w/o sugar)
3 quart container of Epsom salt
Essential Oil ~optional ~add to salt for the white layer

If layering ~split the container up into three different bowls and use a different color/scent for each layer.  I left one layer white and added some scent. 
I found all my ingredients at the $ Store except for my essential oil but that can be bought there too. I thought the sugar shaker would be good to shake the salt out into the bath water. 

I am making a cranberry~ orange one for Christmas.  I think strawberry ~lime would be nice too!  The possibilities are endless. 

You can seal your jar with warm paraffin or put in a bottle with a cork to keep the colors from moving. Add a bow and a cute tag and what a frugal gift homemade from the heart!

Welcome to Farming On Faith all you Friday Farmgirls~ 
So glad you stopped by.


Regina from The Queenly Abode said...

I would love to make these, can you go into a little more detail regarding the kool-aid. Do you mix it with the salt? Also how would you get the cranberry-orange, is that kool aid too? One more question...will it turn the water the kool aid color?
Sorry so many questions,

Anonymous said...

yes...i had the same question. :) thanks! great idea!

mountain mama

Farming On Faith said...

You just add the kool-aid to the salt.
I used orange kool-aid and added some cranberry oil.

The bath water turns a little color but not enough to stain your skin or the tub. Kind-of a fun color. I love it!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

What a great idea, Carrie! Thanks for sharing!


Cheryl said...

I love this idea, have been looking for gifts to make for some co-workers, this would be great.

Quiltingranny said...

Thanks for sharing Carrie! Great idea for stockings!



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