Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chickens In The Road & In The Kitchen~ Oh My

Happy Saturday~
Oh I am so excited we are expected to hit 50 degrees today. It is time to bleach down the chicken coop. I know that may not sound so exciting to you but it does to me. During the summer I clean it once a week but in the winter~it is impossible to do. My Brian cleaned it for me last and it was about a month ago. So today my girls will be getting a house cleaning.  They will be so happy.

Hannah giving Sami a bath~she has a soft spot for Sami too!

Sami is all better and we are real tired of having her in the kitchen. We tried putting her out last Sunday but she acted sick again. My kids are sure she is pulling my leg. With the warmer temperatures for the next week~ I am hoping she will want to be back with her sisters and transition this time. 

Now to answer a few of your questions. 

Where does Sami live in the house?  In a big kennel. I put paper down and clean her cage one to two times a day depending on what is needed.

What about bugs? Yuck~ I know. Sami was given a dust bath ~ per the Vet~ before entering  the house just to make sure there are no extra guest coming into my clean house. I did not see any. You turn the chicken upside down and sprinkle her . It does work. It has been so cold here I am not sure little bugs could survive. ~
When necessary~she just gets a bath!
What in the world does your husband say about a chicken in the house?  I had a man tell me yesterday~ "I can't believe your husband lets you bring a chicken into that brand new house."  First of all My Brian brought home an alligator without asking his mom when he was just a boy. Second of all ~although he will not admit it~ he gives poor Sami a little more attention too. Sami  has become a pet more so than the other girls because she is handicapped.  So ~ he rolls his eyes and does not say a word~now is that love or what?

Sami is very tame and lets you know just what she wants. She loves treats and Hannah loves making her do tricks for them.  If you have never visited The Hen Cam~ you should. Terry Colson wrote a children's book about her chickens~ Tilly Lays An Egg. In her book are pictures of her actual chickens~ whom she taught all to do tricks. Chickens are easy to train because they will do just about anything for treats.

Click here to visit ~you will enjoy it I promise. Terry has helped me so much with my chickens. She is quite a gal!

Sami has been the talk all over the US in blog world. One follower in NY said when she went to MOPS~ all her friends were talking about Sami getting a bath. I was shopping in town one day and I had a friendly lady ask~ "Did you really give Sami a bath?" Well yes~ if she is coming in the house she had to have a bath!  Someday I think I will write a book about Sami~ she  has quite a story!

So there you have it ~ how this city girl turned into a chicken farmer.

"Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg"? 
Gen. 1:20-25
The Bible clearly answers this question.
God made all creation~ and told them to
be fruitful, and multiply, and fill the earth.
That plainly says the Chicken came first.
Just like Adam and Eve were first made adults and not babies.

Have a wonderful day!



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