Monday, March 14, 2011

Time To Spring Clean The Coop~ Life Gets Messy!

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Life Gets Messy~

 With warm temps my chicken coop has defrosted. You guessed it ~chicken poo~ mud~ and muck. I walked into the girl's house and my handy, dandy chicken farmer boots squished. Well one thing you must know about keeping healthy chickens is that they must stay dry.NO~this just will not do!

What a mess!

Nosy girls watching from above~
This would be handy~dandy chicken poo. Any ideas on what I can do with chicken poo?

I raked. I shoveled. I bleached. I scraped. I did all this for about an hour. As I have shared before being a chicken farmer is not for the squeamish~that's for sure. Although I am not squeamish in the least I wore disposable gloves all the same!

I am trying to clean here~but they all wanted to see what I was up to.
They wanted to be in my way!

Layla was in one of the nesting boxes squawking because she was laying her egg for the day. She refused to get out ~she was squawking at me the whole time. They are very modest about laying~they would rather no one watch ~Momma Hen and siblings are not welcome to observe. I guess I can understand!

Finally~ Good job, Layla!

Layla finally lays her egg but still refuses to leave. Nope she wants to sit on her egg.
That is fine and dandy but they all want to lay in the same box for some reason. They have four nesting boxes. Sadie wanted to lay her egg too. So they argued and fused for awhile. I tried to referee but to no avail. Sadie finally jumps in with her and lays her egg in seconds and jumps out. No fooling around for her.

Look at the coop now. I have had those who tease me about cleaning my coop. 
Would you rather have breakfast from the mess above or this nice clean coop?
Not to mention I walk in this coop several times a day.
Nope~ my girls sure like it when it is all clean. 

What is the reward for all my work? A clean coop~happy girls and two eggs. 
What more could a girl ask for?
 Maybe a bubble bath!!!!!



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