Saturday, April 30, 2011

Driving Miss Billie~ A Salad Bowl

Friday as you know is my driving Miss Billie day. Yesterday we ventured to Lowes and they had every kind of  flower you could imagine~ they were reaching well into the sky. Miss Billie thought she had died and gone to Heaven~they were so beautiful.

 As we strolled along the isle and discussed the proper feeding and care of each flower~ I took in all the knowledge of a lifetime of gardening that she passed along to me. Miss Billie is a creature of habit. She has been buying her flowers from ACE Hardware for 50 years. She was pleasantly surprised at all the the big chain store had to offer.

 It was a wonderful day and one I will store away in my memories forever. As we walked along we were discussing the Royal Wedding which prompted her to tell me about all the Royal Weddings she has watched in the past decade. Wow~was that ever interesting.  She is a walking history book for sure. 

Miss Billie does not like the casual appearance of today! " Why it looks like people are dressed to go to bed most of the time"~she said. Which led us into a conversation about proper attire. We begin to discuss all the beautiful hats that were worn to the wedding.  To which Miss Billie gave me another lesson. Did you know that  it was once our custom to wear hats in our country too.~(which I had known most people would wear them to church in days of old.)  Well~ That is until John F. Kennedy appeared at his inauguration with a bare head. Miss Billie said, " He sure was a fine looking man." I think she had a little crush on him~tehe. Up until that time even men wore hats out in public, to church and to town.  From that day forward men took off their  hats and the women in our country soon followed.  I think it is kind-of of shame. I sure did think all those hats were wonderful. 

Miss Billie proceeded to tell me that the year that the Queen was born was a monumental year. Queen Elizabeth was born in April, Miss Billie was born in May and Marilyn Monroe was born in June. " What a splendid year indeed." ~Miss Billie said. Oh what a fun day we had!


Back to the  Salad Bowl~ I was not about to pay $14.99 for a bowl of lettuce but decided it sure would be cute on my patio table and nice for salads too. So I went to the Dollar Store and bought a Salad Bowl  and planted Salad Mix seeds in my bowl. Mine is not pretty yet but it will be soon. Such a cute idea!



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