Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Do You See God In Everything?

I have been watching several of my blog friends who have bee hives. My Brian and I have put in a small orchard on Farming on Faith and are thinking we may be adding more as time goes by. So~we thought it may be a good idea to add a bee hive for pollination. I am not allergic to bees just bee stings~ lol. I stepped on two at the same time while visiting my in-laws in Michigan once~oh did it hurt. My foot swelled up so large I could not wear shoes the entire trip~thank goodness for my favorite ~flip-flops. I was nursing baby Hannah at the time and we both had a Benedryl induced comma for several days. Such sweet memories! My Brian says it was the most peaceful 14 hour drive home he has ever had.

Psalm 119:103 (King James Version)

 103How sweet are thy words unto my taste! yea, sweeter than honey to my mouth!

After researching the bee hive and a study on their social instincts and physical makeup I must say there is a Master Designer ~ behind it all.

There are three kinds of bees in each colony. In the bee home is a queen bee, the drone~or male bee and the worker bees~the females. Imagine that! Normally a bee home will house up to 60,000 bees in an individual hive. When the queen bee mates the male drone bee dies~poor king bee! The queen bee lays up to two thousand eggs per day for two to three years from the one mating.

  The worker bee then works herself to death~ making ten trips a day and will visit more than 300,000 flowers in one summer. She is literally a chemical factory. These worker bees make one kind of wax for the six- sided cells and another to seal off the entrance. This second type of wax is porous so that the baby bee can breath until it is big enough to come out of the cell.  While the worker bee gathers nectar from blossoms for honey~ pollen is unknowingly carried to other area flowers and fertilizes it enabling it to bear fruit. It that amazing or what? The cell of the honey comb is bordered on all six sides by another cell~saving space~ work and energy. Scientist call this one of the wonders of the natural world! Not a single bee knows the miracle of all of this~it is done in the darkness so to speak!
There is no question that the Almighty Creator's hand is behind it all.

I am celebrating my wonderful Creator~ on this "Merry Day of May!"



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