Thursday, July 14, 2011

I've Just Been Having Too Much Fun~ Vacation Days 2-4

Hello My Blog Friends~
I am so sorry ~ I have been having so much fun I am behind on blogging. I must say that I have missed you dearly. When I get home next week I am going to catch up with you all.

Here is what we have been up to in pictures. Hope you enjoy.

Driving across flat~flat Kansas.

Stopping for Pizza at Pizza Hut.

We finally arrived in Colorado.
Saturday we arrived at Aunt Kims and Uncle Bob's house in Aurora!

We visited the Colorado Market.

Hannah woke up to a crying sound that sounded like a child 
in distress but this is what she found outside her window. 

Caleb takes the rock wall challenge and rings the bell at the top.

Monday we headed up the Rocky Mountains~it was amazing.

We made some new friends.
My nickname in high school was "Chipmunk".
I always hated it but I am not sure why because I think they are really cute~lol.

Up and up we go!

Here we made it to the top~ I have to admit arriving above the tree line is a bit scary!

Tuesday we hiked at  the Rocky Mountain National Park.

We have been making such great memories in Colorado with Kim and Bob.
They truly are the hostess with the mostest~and spoiled us rotten!
We have traveled all day today across Wyoming~it was interesting for sure.
Tomorrow I will post about our trip and our arrival in Rapid City, South Dakota.
I will be back soon~stay tuned!



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