Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Need A Pill~

PSALM 119:11 

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

The past few days while I have not felt well I took a little cold pill and it worked wonderful. When it wore off I would take another one. I wish there was a " fruit- of- the- spirit" pill. That way each morning I could just take a pill and when it wore off I could  take another one.

 I would bubble over with love, joy, faith, patience, and so on.  If only I could invent such a pill. The label would read, "One a day will keep the grouchies away!" I am sure my family would be the first to stock up on such a remedy!

Some days I just wake up grumbly! The culprit could be hormones, lack of sleep, over commitment,  pre-menopause, the price of tea in China , and all the above. However~ they would only be excuses!
On such days I am forced to withdraw and do some self-examination. 

Almost always I find the real  reason for my condition is that I have come unplugged from my power source. I have to go to the throne of God and connect to my power source once again~My Heavenly Father! He can conquer the drudgery of daily life! Most generally I have neglected my quiet time with the Master! So to speak there really is a "fruit-of-the-spirit" pill~it is reading our Bible and praying. Have you had your pill today?



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