Thursday, January 5, 2012

"I Am Not Getting Old"~ "Well Maybe I Am Getting Old"

Psalm 39:5
King James Version (KJV)

 5Behold, thou hast made my days as an handbreadth; and mine age is as nothing before thee: verily every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Selah.

 So if that verse don't convict my very hairs on my head~ for real! I think when you loose a parent it all the sudden makes one feel old. Somehow you see yourself as a child until your Dad or Mom is gone. Then all the sudden you feel like you have to grow up! Am I the only one who feels like that? I really have been kicking and screaming about it for a couple of months now.

To add insult to injury ~ my baby daughter is getting married and moving very far away in less than three short months. Now~ I am excited for Jacob and Hannah don't misunderstand me but I now know just how hard it is to see your child only once or twice in a year. It is even harder to not see those grandbabies but only once in awhile. I am just not ready for all this.

Old~ I am feeling old~ very old!

A wise man Named Charlie Wagner wrote the following. "It is not sad to grow old? Say rather it is a very difficult art, and one which few have ever acquired......To grow old is sad indeed if what you want is to hold back the receding years, to keep your hair from turning white, your eyes from becoming dim, and the wrinkles from chiseling their way across your brow."

Ok~ well I disagree with the hair turning to white. In fact I am wondering just who thought he was so wise.

There comes a time when we must grow up. And believe me~ I am
kicking and screaming but I am trusting the Lord to help me. To me it
sort of seems like growing up right now means letting go.......sigh***

The text tells us God is not hindered by man's age to work in or through our lives. So if you are like me and in the middle of nowhere wondering what God has in store next. Here is my encouragement today for you and me~

Moses was just getting started at 80. Caleb was looking into 
mountain climbing at 85 and Noah was about 600 when he saw the last
animal board the ark. Surely God has a plan for you and me!

So today I pray God will give you a job to do and a spring in your step.

It is going to be 65 degrees here today at Farming On Faith~ so unreal for the first week of January. Woo-hoo I am going to soak it up.

Have a great day!


Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

Carrie -- very warm here today too :)

I may grow older (and hopefully wiser) but never old :)

You already KNOW what it is to have a daughter far, far away. It would have to be harder to allow another one to go. Bless you all as you go thru the changes the next few months bring to your family.


Treasures Evermore said...

What an incredible post Carrie. I say AMEN to everything bit of your wisdom. Love the scripture verses as well.

I have days where I feel very old and other days where I feel very young. (smile). We are in the process of our fourth adoption. This time through the ministry. I will be 48 this year and some might think that I'm too old...but one is never to old to adopt. Your post has just confirmed that for me.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this post.


Treasures Evermore said...

Sorry, forgot to mention...Will be praying for you as I cannot even imagine how you are feeling about Hannah moving so far away....I always cry at the thought of that happening to me...cannot even imagine being so far from my grandson Jace...I tear up just typing this. So know friend, that you WILL be in my prayers.

Cyber hugs,

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the thoughts on growing old and the changes, I am struggling with embracing this, not myself but my children, my oldest is graduating from high school this year. I go between being excited for him and all that God is going to do in and through him to just weepy and sad at how the time has flown. I really want to do it gracefully, I know that I am going to miss him coming home everyday and the closeness of him and just having him around. I tell him he can leave just come home to visit often. I am thankful for the years I have had with him, but he is just the beginning of my five children moving on, will they look forward to coming home to see Mom and Dad? I pray so. It is good to be reminded I am not the only one who has children growing up and moving on.

Down On The Farm said...

Precious reminder that growing older is a gift, and not something everyone gets to do. It is hard to watch the years slip by, and to watch my children get older . . YIKES! I had no idea Hannah would be moving far away. Oh Carrie I am sad for you. But, God has a plan, and you have experienced it before and I know it must make the time spent together so much sweeter. Looking forward to some wedding planning info on your blog (hint hint)! And yes, let's enjoy this beautiful Missouri weather while it lasts. Blessings to you my friend!

Liane said...

Letting go can be hard no matter how old you are... but by God's grace we can do everything we need to. I'm counting on it! How else will we be OK?



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