A Sweet Gift From Down Under~

Today I received this sweet gift for Hannah's kitchen from Ann@Eight Acres of Eden.  It is so exciting to get a package in the mail but even more so when it comes from Australia. It is the cutest tea towel made by the momma of a man who owns a gift shop in Bellingen, NSW, Australia. The wooden spatula ~spoon is made from Australian timber. What a sweet and thoughtful gift ~ Ann. 

The little tea plate is for me when I have a cup of tea~so cute. It has the floral symbol of NSW. I will cherish it for sure. I am so very thankful for our friendship across the miles. What a blessing~ thank you, my sweet friend.

The guests have all gone~ the cake platter went back to the baker~ the wedding dress has gone for preservation and all the little odds and ends have been completed. The house has been put to order once again.

 It is so amazing that you spend months preparing for a wedding looking for just the right things to make the moment as special as it can be~ and when it is over you find yourself wishing you could do it all over again.

 Hannah and Jacob have landed in Washington and have already added to their family.
This is Millie and Ava ~ I explained that mice do not count as grandchildren.

 As the mother of Dr. Doolittle herself ~
I have to admit they are kind of cute!

We are watching with watchful eyes as the stormy weather makes its way toward us. Praying that all will be safe and sound with much warning and preparation. 

I am working on Gypsy Girl's wedding post~ coming soon.