Thursday, May 31, 2012

Memorial Day With Driving Miss Billie~


I know you all love to hear of my adventures with Miss Billie~ she truly would make a great character for a book. I have learned so much during the time we have spent together. This a re-post from 2010~ but it just seems fitting to re-post today. Miss Billie has had a bad fall and is having surgery this morning. Please pray for her and the Doctors as they prepare to put her back together again........ My heart is tender today and I am praying for the Lord's will in Miss Billie's life.


Memorial Day With Driving Miss Billie~

Yesterday~ I  drove Miss Billie to the cemetery to place flowers upon the graves of those she has outlived. You see Miss Billie has outlived most all of her family and most of her friends.  We carefully picked flowers from her garden~ (which were all taken from the gardens of her relatives while they were alive)~ of which we placed flowers upon their graves. She refused to let me pick the flowers~even in the hardest to reach places. She told me, "I must not get dependent upon people~I will become wimpy." To which I replied, "Miss Billie~no one can ever call you wimpy." She still drives and goes to her trainer three times a week, keeps her hair colored and dresses like she stepped out of a magazine!

She placed pink roses upon her Momma's grave ~she was born in the late 1800's. We placed yellow orchids upon her father's grave because yellow is Miss Billie's favorite color~just happens to be mine too. Purple flowers were placed upon Sarah~her best friend's grave for her favorite color. Her Auntie ~whom was named Florence hated her name but when Billie was born ~she demanded that Miss Billie be named Florence. Poor Miss Billie! Her father hated it and always called her Billie.  Her Sister was her best friend and she loved peonies.  So ants and all ~we placed tons of pink peonies on Patty's  grave.   "We must not kill creatures" ~ says Miss Billie~"both great or small." (even spiders) Her brother -in-law fought in the War ~so Miss Billie proudly placed red roses and the American flag.

Miss Billie and I both know her days are getting short on this earth ~ she has spent most of her days. Life is hard for her and she hurts most days. As we leave the Cemetery I hear Miss Billie say to herself or maybe those who she loves ~ "It is so hard but I must carry on."

 It is just a real good reminder for us all to cherish those we love~we will not have them forever. Leave
a legacy of a Godly testimony behind~for you will not be here forever. And~cherish the moments~for they will soon be history.

When we returned back to Miss Billie's house~ she shared her pictures with me so I could have a picture with each face.  It was a day I will always cherish~ and lessons I will not soon leave behind.




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