Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy First Day of Summer~


Oh Summer~ Remember that last day of school and the feeling of freedom from schedules~school books~ pressure. It was just a great feeling. I have decided that I just needed a summer like that! And we have been taking one~ and enjoying every minute of it!

Life just sometimes demands that we take some time to rest and restore~ this is our summer of restoration. I feel the winds of change blowing already for the school next year.

Mindless Thinking~

I am so guilty of mindless thinking~ My Brian just shakes his head at me now rather than scolding me like he once did in the early years of our marriage.

Have you ever locked your keys inside your car? Or worse yet locked a child in the car~ poor Hannie!
Mailed a bill without placing the check inside or worse yet~ make a deposit without putting the check in the ATM. They treat you like a criminal. I reassured them I was just mindless thinking rather than trying to commit a crime. (I mean I would have tried thousands of dollars instead of $40 if I were trying to kite myself a little cash)  Then there is the cheese cake ~ without the sugar~oops I forgot. It is horrible with no sugar. I promise you that!

These are the kinds of things we do when we don't give careful thought to what we are doing.  Careless thinking means we fail to do something we should do or that we do something we should not do. Sometimes these wrong actions or irresponsible inactions can create minor inconveniences or ~ they can have lasting consequences.

Ephesians 5:15-17

King James Version (KJV)
15 See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise,
16 Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.
17 Wherefore be ye not unwise, but understanding what the will of the Lord is.

As I stated above ~My Brian and I have found ourselves at a not one but several crossroads in our lives. I just hate crossroads. I want to just keep going on the road like always before. It feels comfortable~ safe~ without risk and oh so familiar. I like things to stay the same~ like a comfy pair of flip flops on the first day of summer.

God wants us to give careful thought to our actions, words, and relationships~  and most importantly making decisions that would bring honor and glory to Him.

Whatever I do today~ I want to give it careful thought. I am asking you to pray as we make some important decisions in our lives.

"Long Way Home"
I set out on a great adventure
The day my Father started leading me home
He said there's gonna be some mountains to climb
And some valleys we're gonna go through

But I had no way of knowing
Just how hard this journey could be
Cause the valleys are deeper
And the mountains are steeper than I ever would have dreamed

But I know we're gonna make it
And I know we're gonna get there soon
And I know sometimes it feels like we're going the wrong way
But its just the long way home

I got some rocks in my shoes
Fears I wish I could lose
That make the mountains so hard to climb
And my heart gets so heavy with the weight of the world sometimes

There's a bag of regrets,
My should've beens, and not yets
I keep on dragging around
And I can hardly wait for the day I get to lay them all down

I know that day is coming
I know its gonna be here soon
And I won't turn back even if the whole world says I'm going the wrong way
Cause its just the long way home

When we can't take another step
The Father will pick us up and carry us in His arms
And even on the best days, He says to remember we're not home yet
So don't get too comfortable
Cause really all we are is just pilgrims passing through

Well, I know we're gonna make it
And I know we're gonna get there soon
So I keep on singing and believing
What all of my songs say

Cause our God has made a promise
And I know that everything He says is true
And I know wherever we go
He will never leave us
Cause He's gonna lead us home

Every single step of the long way home
(Keep going, we're gonna make it)
(I know, we're gonna make it)
(We're just taking the long way home)
(Keep going, we're gonna make it)
(I know, we're gonna make it)
(We're just taking the long way home)
(Keep going, we're gonna make it)
(I know, we're gonna make it)
(We're just taking the long way home)
(Keep going, we're gonna make it)
(I know, we're gonna make it)
It's just a long way home



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