Thursday, June 28, 2012

Inescapable~ An Amazing Book

The minute I picked this book up I was hooked. I read the first 150 pages way into the morning hours. I was captivated by Lizzie who had run away from her Mennonite family and town of Kingdom, Kansas. She is a struggling young mom with a daughter who is doing her best to raise her  child on her own.

She has worked hard to build a new life for her and her child when she is followed and frightened by letters from an unknown man. Scared ~ she has nowhere to turn but back to her home and her father. Her father who was an unfair and unloving example of a Christian.

When she returns after six years she finds nothing is much the same but her condemning father. The town accepted her with open arms~ full of God's love and compassion. For the first time in her life she finds God's love through the people of Kingdom~ she opens her heart to Jesus.

Only the trouble follows her and she fears she must run again. She soon discovers she really has nowhere to run but into the arms of Jesus. 

I loved~ loved~loved this book.  I have never read any books from Nancy but I loved her writing style and will be looking forward to reading her other books. I give this book a 5+ stars. 

I was provided this book by Bethany Publishers in exchange for my honest review.



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