Friday, July 27, 2012

What Can We Do About The Drought?

Not only can I not listen to the news without hearing about the drought but I can't walk across my yard without hearing the crunching under my feet. It is taking all the water we can muster to keep our garden~ new trees and flowers alive.

Here are the new statistics from the USDA and the United States Drought Monitor:

   55% of the continental U.S. is now under drought conditions
   1,297 counties have been declared national disaster areas
   88% of the corn crop is located in areas impacted by the drought
   87% of the soybean crop is located in areas impacted by the drought
There hasn't been a worse drought in the U.S. since the 1950's

I don't know about you but after hearing the gloom and doom long enough I get tired of it. I just hate laying down and declaring~ whoa is me. What can we do?

Well it is true that it will be bad news for consumers. First ~ I say PRAY for rain. I am rejoicing that we had a good rainfall last night. Second of all let us not forget that God is on the throne. Then ~ get moving!

There are not many foods that will not be impacted due to excessive heat and drought conditions. The wheat crops have failed. Milk production is down ~ meat prices will rise because of increasing feed cost and fruit and vegetables will go up because of smaller than normal harvest.

I did not just restate the facts to depress you. We have time to prepare for this. You know like God warned Joseph to prepare for the coming drought in the land. There are things we can do to prepare ahead. Much of what is on the shelves is from 2011 harvest. Start stock piling now. While meat and dairy products will start rising within the next couple of months~ many other increases won't reach the store until next year. (2012 harvest)

Here are some places to begin~

Load up on fresh produce when you find a good deal~ freezing or canning until next year.
Stock pile on cheese and butter when it is on sale. It will freeze just fine.
Meat prices are experiencing a temporary dip right now~ Fill your freezer.
Freeze a good supply of flour.
Stock pile now canned goods from the 2011 harvest.
Combine sales and coupons to stock pile a supply of cereal, pasta, oatmeal and dried non-perishables.

What to stock pile~
1.     Flour, 
Dried pasta, 
2.     Cornmeal, 
Corn starch, 
Any foods that contain corn syrup.(Don't eat a lot of this but need some for Holiday baking)
3.     Cheese, 
Powdered milk, 
Powdered buttermilk, 
Sweetened condensed milk, 
Evaporated milk, 
4.     Meat, (fresh) 
Canned meats, 
Chicken and beef broth
5.     Fruits, (fresh, frozen, canned and dried) 
Veggies, (fresh, frozen and canned) 
Canned/bottled tomato products, (sauce, paste, salsa, etc.) 
Beans, (dried and canned)

6.         Soy milk, 
Soy sauce, 
Other products containing soy

The grocery stores  often mark down meat the day before the new ad runs and when the expiration date is up. This is still good meat and needs to be cooked soon or frozen. I have been buying my meat like this and it cuts the price in half.

We don't have to be fearful~ we need to trust God!  This too shall pass~ keep the faith.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, 
the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1 KJV

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