Thursday, August 30, 2012

The Haven~ Another Great Amish Book

Okay my Amish Book Lover followers~ Remember The Keeper? Well here is the long awaited sequel to the Stoney Ridge Seasons Series. And just let me tell you it is a good one that you don't want to miss. Suzanne has become a bloggy and facebook friend of mine who just happens to be a great writer. She truly is a fantastic person.

 I recommend if you missed the first book~ get it first. The Haven stands on its own but you are missing out because they are both great books. Just my honest opinion.

The Haven is a love story full of friendship and adventure. It begins when Sadie Lapp is coming home from Ohio where she spent some time helping her sister and mentoring under an elderly Amish woman who has the healing touch to make the sick well. She learned the natural and healing ways of the simple people.

 Only things really heat up when she wakes up from a nap on the train and finds that someone has left their baby in a basket with her.With no where to turn~ she feels like she must take the baby home. Oh the rumors that begin swirling around about the young Amish girl who leaves and returns home with an infant~ as you can imagine.

She returns home to a family who has experienced their fair share of heartache. They had already lost their beloved mother. And her very young father has suffered a heart attack needing a new heart. Her father happens to get a heart when tragic strikes again claiming the life of the family's special son Menno. Now Sadie is returning home to help pick up the pieces. Maybe this baby she is bringing home will be the medicine they all need.

In a twist of fate~ the family inherits a house keeper named Fern~ who happens to be an Amish woman who is very militant. Over time the house realizes that Fern with her harsh ways is not at all what she is cracked up to be. Is she just what this family needed?

Poor Sadie returns to the affection of Gideon who has been in love with her since she was a school girl. She is just not so sure she returns his affection. Life just seems to complicated to think about it.

Very confused Sadie tries her best to find out God's will for her life. It all gets very complicated when an Englisher ~Will Stoltz walks into her world and her heart.



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