Our Home Is For Sale~ 3/25/13


  1. lovely home you have -- sorry your selling - hope it's all good ..

  2. Where are you moving to Carrie? Did I miss a blog post or is this the first announcement? It is such a beautiful home that you and Brian created for your family and I know it will be sad for you to leave but wherever the Lord takes you I know that you will continue farming on faith!

  3. You have a beautiful house! We sold our house exactly a year ago, to the first people who looked, after only one week on the market. We didn't really want to sell, but the Lord knew what was best. :) I pray the Lord sends exactly the right people to look at your house!

  4. Beautiful Carrie...just beautiful!! Where do you plan to move...local or to a different State??

    Blessings in all of this!

  5. Dear Carrie, I hope the selling of your home is a blessing to you! What a lovely home and I know it will always hold many memories.
    Sounds like there are many changes in the future for you all.
    Thanks for your prayers.
    Blessings, Roxy

  6. I think I missed something. I had no idea you were moving. I pray that God will lead you exactly where He has planned for your family.

  7. OH Carrie,
    I know this must be very bittersweet! You built such a beautiful home in the country with all the amenities you love! Home! A new chapter is opening.....God will have wonderful things planned for your new "home" and family. Praying for blessings for all the Shindorfs! :0)
    Big hugs!

  8. What a beautiful beautiful home you have.
    Woolie Hugs

  9. What a beautiful home. You have a real knack for decorating. I hope wherever you are headed you will love it as much as your current home.

  10. It is beautiful! I wish I lived closer. I am sure you have some exciting things ahead. Good luck selling your home. Dawn


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