Friday, October 11, 2013

It's Beginning To Look Like An Amish Christmas~

I was so excited when this little book came in the mail. I love a good Amish book and I love Christmas. This book was such a fun read. It was inspired by a true story which made it so much better.

It is written in the time of World War II . Rose finds out that her life has been a lie ~ she is not really Amish at all. She was abandoned and taken in by her Amish parents ~ whom she loved with all her heart.  Why did her birth parents leave her behind? Why had her family not told her the truth? What will the man she loves do when he finds out she is not really Amish? Will he love her? Will she even be allowed to stay according to the the Bishop? Does she even want to stay Amish? So many questions to answer in this little novella. 

I loved this book and could not put it down. What a great Christmas gift this would make. I give it 5 stars!

Book Description

Inspired by a true story, A Christmas Gift for Rose is a heartwarming novella of sacrifice and deep love.
Born in the midst of the hardships of the Great Depression, Rose grew up in Berlin, Ohio, in the arms of a loving Amish family. But as she prepares to marry, she's thrown into confusion when she learns the truth of her birth. She was born Englisch and abandoned when the family moved on in search of work.
Was she meant to be Amish or would she have been better off growing up with her own kind-Englischers? And was her intended's gift of discovering her birth family given out of love or fear?


Danice said...

'Sounds like a very good read. I also love Amish books, and all things Amish. Enjoying all of your blog posts very much :)

Betsy said...

This sounds like a great book. I'll have to check this out.



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