Thursday, November 21, 2013

Christmas From Heaven Review~

"From little things come big things. "~ Berlin Candy Bomber

The true spirit of Christmas is found in this remarkable true story. Gail Halvorsen was a young pilot in the US Army. He was assigned as a cargo pilot to the war torn county of Berlin. Berlin at the time had been blocked by the Soviet. 

On Christmas Eve, 1948 he was to deliver 20,000 pounds of flour. The Berlin children were more interested in hearing from the pilot and about his freedom than the flour. For almost an hour he answered their questions. As he left he wished he had more to give. The children were so thankful for what they were given. They had very little to eat let along a piece of candy. He reached into his pocket to find two sticks of gum. He divided it in little pieces and gave it to the children. They passed them around and pressed them to their noses to smell the minty smell. Their faces were filled with joy and wonder like he had never seen. 

He wanted to do more...... and the rest became history. He became know as the Berlin Candy Bomber. 
 What a remarkable story and so worth reading. This is a Christmas coffee table book for sure. 

You will not want to miss the rest of the story. 

The book comes along with a DVD that brings the story to life ~ narrated by Tom Brokow the famed broadcast and journalist.

This book set was provided to me in exchange for my honest review from Shadow Mountain.

You may purchase the book here~

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