Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days of Valentines~ You Stole A Piece Of My Heart

Day 5

I will never forget our first date~ how excited I was when he finally asked me out. My Brian is a little shy and not much of a talker. (But that's okay cause I make up for the both of us.) From that moment on we spent every single day talking~ and we talked way into the hours of the morning on the phone.

 I learned that his favorite color is yellow~ and that is real exciting because that is my favorite color too. (Our baby daughter chose that color for her wedding~ still makes me smile.) I learned that he loved lasagna~ well actually almost anything I cooked he liked. I learned that he doesn't really like to talk much~" Just give me the facts~ please." I learned that he has a "quirky" side to him. He sings opera on Sundays while he gets ready for church and he tells goofy jokes~ but I laugh anyway. I learned that this man of mine is very gentle but firm when he needs to be.  

My Brian spent a year and half stealing my heart and them he proposed by placing a bubble gum machine ring in the bottom of my stocking. I told you he had a "dry sense of humor." I was not amused by that at all. He has never lived that down. He does get most "Un-Romantic Proposal Award." 

He has spent all these years making it up to me though. I live a good life and I am blessed with this man of mine that makes me laugh everyday of my life. I have had the best years being Mrs. Brian Shindorf.

Sometimes we get too busy to think back to all the reasons we fell in love in the first place.We have a tendency to nitpick the faults of our spouse instead of all the amazing things they are.

 It is so easy to find fault with someone~ because we all have faults. But what a foolish thing to do!

When we were newly weds~ I was constantly thinking of all the things My Brian should do that he was not doing. One day he said to me, " You notice all the things I fail to do but fail to notice the things I do ~ do." Ouch!! From that day forward I tried my best to change my way of thinking! After all~ he really never has found my faults~ or at least he chooses not to voice them. 

I think it may just be the key to our happy marriage. We try to focus on all the good things and choose to be blind to each other's faults. I promise you ~ it works.

How about you remember back to all those wonderful things that that husband or wife did when they stole your heart? It will put the sweetness back into your marriage.

Song of Solomon 6:3

 I am my beloved's, and my beloved is mine: 



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