Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Message From Samuel Yoder~

We have a young man by the name of Jacob Yoder in our church. Our church has adopted him. He grew up Amish in an Old Order District. He and two of his brothers accepted Jesus as their Saviour and now are being shunned by their people.

 One of the brothers returned to the Amish due to the intense loneliness and pressure of the family. His name is Ananias and he still keeps in touch with his brothers.

 Jacob is faithful in church every service and is soaking up the Word of God as if it were a sponge. It is great fun to spend time with him and it is a joy watching him grow in the Lord.

Jacob's brother Samuel attends Bible College in Chicago. Last night he preached for us. I could sit and listen to his Pennsylvania Dutch forever. He apologized for not doing well with his words but I was mesmerized by his accent. I think he should be just who is is and not try to change at all. That is an Amish boy saved by grace.
Jacob is the second to the left.

Jacob once told me, " There are things about being Amish that I love. I will always be Amish in my heart." Yet~ accepting Jesus free gift of salvation is a forbidden thing in the eyes of his mother and father. He has accepted what Jesus did for him on the cross and that alone to get him to Heaven.

Jacob needs a job and is getting ready to start night classes to get his GED. It is so hard for them to live in the "fancy" world as the Amish would call it. They have so much red tape when leaving the Amish~ like getting a birth certificate, social security number and learning to drive. It is hard to learn to drive when you have never rode in a car much. So if you would ~ please add the Yoder brothers to your prayer list. This momma just wants to adopt them all.

I meant to snap a picture of them for this blog post but I did not get to them in time. They are  Amish in heart and still feel funny about getting their pictures taken.

I have a love for the Amish people. I always have. I admire how simple and hard working they are. I admire how they let the rest of the world zoom by at the speed of lightning. Yet ~ my heart is burdened because they think they must work their way to Heaven.

 I so enjoyed Samuel's message. I could still hear the simple~ to the point~ Amish way of thinking in Samuel's message. Now he preaches how simple it is to turn our whole lives over to God and accept his free gift of salvation.

Samuel brought a message about life. He used the book of Genesis as his text. He talked mostly about Joseph and how he did not know as a young boy just how hard~ and how lonely life was going to be. He went through some tough times.  It is not always God's will when horrible things happen in our life but God does allow it to filter through His hands for reasons our human minds can't fathom. Yet~ hearing this from a young Amish man who has had his entire family~ friends and community turn their back on him took on a whole new meaning for me.

He spoke about how life is real and life is full of decisions. That people try to force us into making decisions but it is our responsibility to make the right decisions as Joseph did. For we alone will face God with the decisions we make in life and the outcome of those decisions.

I can still hear his accent as he stated ~

"If only we would spend enough time with God each and every day until our hearts were softened, we would be a different people."

"There is never shame in getting right with God."

 Wow~ what a statement coming from him ~this means getting right with God makes him shameful in the eyes of his earthly father. Accepting Jesus has cost him a lot on this earth.

In his closing statement Samuel said this, "Everyone of us can turn a page and say my life is going to be different."

My soul was blessed beyond measure. I will be praying for Samuel Yoder because just like Joseph ~ I believe God has big plans for his life as he plans to reach his people.



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