Thursday, April 18, 2013

I Just Need A Sign ~

I have been getting emails asking if we are okay. Yes~ we are all just fine. I have just been too busy to blog. Dog-gone-it~ I hate it when that happens.

Can you tell where the picture above was taken?

 We just returned last night from the snowy state of Colorado and landed in the tornado warnings of Missouri. Honestly~ give me the stormy weather. I think I have had my fill of snowing and blowing. I was so excited after we got through the stormy black clouds to see the green ~ green grass of home. 

Have you ever just needed God to give you a sign? Not that I need a sign that God is and that He is still in control~ I know that to be true. I truly want to live for God and do His will for my life. But do you ever just feel you don't know which direction you are suppose to go? I am at one of those such dilemmas today. 

I mean we know God's will for us is to serve God with our whole hearts, to give thanks no matter what, to be modest and discreet, to avoid immorality, to live under the Holy Spirit's control and to love Him with our whole hearts. But what about which direction we should take in our every day life? Should I go left or go right?

After reading how Gideon put out the fleece twice ~  he was tempting God by demanding a sign. I decided I am just not sure that is such a good idea for little ol' me to do. I am thinking twice about that. I in no way shape or form measure up to Gideon.

So what do we do when no answers come?  I have come to the conclusion today that we continue to obey the Scriptures and do what we know that is right to do and seek God and wait for Him to reveal His will for the future. I am sure that as we submit to God in the areas we know to do~ according to the Scriptures~ it will lead to God's guidance for the future.

Praising God in the hallway while I am waiting for Him to open the next door~ that is where I am at today. 

Knowing God's will for the future
Comes when we follow today
What He's revealed in the Scriptures
As His commands to obey. - Sper

 And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.- Romans 12:2



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