Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Rejoicing This Happy October

Happy October~ I am so happy I live in a world full of Octobers. I know that may be a famous saying from someone but it could not be truer. I love this time of year and just everything about it.

I am home recovering from my surgery. I have been just a little too loopy to post until today. But I just could not resist. The biopsy has come back benign ! Praise the Lord. I won't lie for all those who have been down this road of a full hyster surgery~ you know it is a doozy. I am so glad it is behind me. Please continue to pray for me as I recover that no complications arise. I am feeling a little better each and every day. Giving myself shots has proven to be a humongous challenge for me. They burn like the dickens~ only have three more days left. I could use just a little more help in the courage department.

I will be back to blogging soon~


Flat Creek Farm said...

Wonderful news!! I'll keep those prayers going for your full and speedy recovery. Bless YOU for saving that sweetheart!! She is just full of love, I can tell. -Tammy

Heartfelt living said...

Carrie that is wonderful news! I have been praying for you every day and will continue to do so. Please take care of yourself and thank you for posting you have been in my thoughts. God bless you

Sun Valley Homestead said...

Praise God...I'm so thankful along with you. Will continue to pray for full recovery.


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Carrie, I rejoice with you!!
Happy Fall! Enjoy every day it is a gift!
Roxy xo

Betsy said...

Praising the Lord for your good news! I've been praying for you daily and it's SO good to hear that you're on the road to recovery. I'm one who has "been there, done that". An older lady in my church told me it would take a year and all of the sudden, I would wake up one day and think, "I feel wonderful!" She was right. That's not to say I felt bad the entire year-just be patient with yourself.

Your new friend looks just sweet as can be. I hoped forever home is found soon.

Tanya said...

OH Carrie! I'm so glad to see a post! And Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow!!!! So joyous for you! Know you are healing and weak and on the mend! I don't think that I could do the shots! ICK and OUCH! Here's my tip I give myself when I get bummed and down. I concentrate and think of others who are going through tough times today and think about Jesus and the cross. But I think it's okay for you to have a "low" and hard time right now. And Pray pray pray! I'm doing that for you friend! ;0)

Down On The Farm said...

So happy to see a post from you!!! And REJOICING with you for your good report! God is so good!!! Praying for you daily. I know you will be feeling back to normal before you know it!! Meanwhile enjoy resting and letting others take care of you!!! So happy for you my friend. I know you feel like a huge weight has been lifted :). Praise the Lord.

Patty said...

So, so glad your news is good! Hope you find a home for the little one.

Kim said...

Praise The Lord!!!!!! So thankful,,



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