Monday, February 3, 2014

The Awesome Power Of Not Saying Anything At All~

 O that ye would altogether hold your peace! 
and it should be your wisdom.

Job 13:5

When verbal attacks fly, when discussions get out of hand, when personal insults cut there are times when silence is golden. When I read this verse above it just brings up a picture of My Brian. He is a man of few words but he uses his words wisely and it makes him even wiser. All these years I have observed him and he is one of the wisest men I know. I have watched and it has proven to be true in his personal and professional life. It has served him well.

There are those that will always try to put others down to make themselves appear better ~ and that is horribly wrong. We see it in the school yards,we see it in politics and we see in the church. But how we respond to those attacks is our choice. We get to decide.  It seems when someone is trying so hard to lift themselves up to prove they are better or more spiritual than others~ they have a major reason for doing so. Deep inside they have a  hurt ~ insecurity or brokenness that God is working to heal.

So how do we handle these kind of hurts that come our way?  I think Job says it best in the verse above. Job was a very successful~ spiritual man. He had great wisdom~ but when the enemy attacked  he ran to God and remained silent.

God can and will fight our battles for us. We simply need to turn it over to Him and remember sometimes silence is golden.



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