Thursday, March 20, 2014

A Pocket Full Of Dreams~


A Pocket Full Of Dreams~

One week ago I finished my homeschool career and entered a new chapter in life as a Veteran Homeschoool Mom. It has been a long journey~ 22 years of my life.   I would not have missed it for the world!

For the first time in forever, I will not be placing a curriculum order and stew over those choices. I no longer have to schedule my life around school hours and extra classes. A long journey has come to an end and I find myself really sappy about it.

My husband said to me on day two of not having a plan for my life that I needed to rejoice in a great victory instead of being depressed~ I should be dreaming of the possibilities. It has now been a week later and I have dried off my tears and stopped feeling sorry for myself. (well almost) I hate pity parties. I am praying that God shows me his plan for the next chapter in life ~ very soon! I need to look for a new pocket full of dream

This morning I read a devotion from Luci Swindoll. She shared a story about an eighty-seven-year-old woman who finished college and earned her degree. Her name was Anne Martindell.  She first started classes in 1932 but had to leave a year later. Her father~ a federal judge~ feared she'd be too educated to find a husband~ imagine that.

In the interim, she served as a U.S. ambassador to New Zealand, a New Jersey state senator and head of the U.S. Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance. She married and divorced two times~ had four children~ nine grandchildren~ and two great-grandchildren.  In 1996~ she began to feel a void in her life and decided to take the advice of a loved one to enroll in Smith's educational program for older women. She earned her diploma in 2002 and received an honorary doctorate at the same time. 

The founding director of the school told the reporter that when she first arrived at college she used a cane but just within weeks the cane disappeared and it was in no time she was revitalized. "There was a spring in her step and a gleam in her eye," the director said. 

Now that is what I call a pocket full of dreams. I had to do a little more research this morning~ always a homeschool mom.  She did not enter politics until her 50s~ she became an ambassador in her 60s~ earned a degree in her 80s and published a memoir titled, "Never Too Late" in her 90s. She thought of going to graduate school stating~ "That would be a good ticket to a job, I suppose," She died in 2008  at the age of 93.

Ok~ now if that is not the cure to any mid-life crisis I might be having.  Just imagine what the Lord can do with our pocket full of dreams if we allow Him to have them and use us. I am inspired now ~ how about you?

Psalm 32:8

 I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go: I will guide thee with mine eye.



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