Tuesday, June 24, 2014

It's Just A Bump In The Road~ It's Not The End Of The Road

Are you faced with a challenge today? Maybe in life~ family~ or your spiritual walk. Life seems to toss one challenge after another at us~ doesn't it? I always remind myself that it means  we are alive when the next bump jostles us. For it is only in Heaven that we will have no more challenges to work through on this earth. 

This morning in my devotions I am reminded that next bump is only that~ Just a bump! It is not the end of the road. Many times it is a blessing. We are moving full speed in life and a bump brings us to our knees. We cry out to our Father and beg Him to help us. And of course, He always answers our cry.

Just as that friend of Job who reminded him that God answers when we call~ he also reminded him that God uses our troubles and trials to get our attention.  (Job 33:19) When He draws our attention back to Him we are wise to keep it focused on Him. Why? Because the next challenge is waiting just around the corner. 

Ultimately as a believer, we know that no matter what mess we've landed in ~ God is going to use it for our ultimate good. He has a plan and He can be trusted. Now that is reason enough to celebrate today. 

But the Lord is faithful, who shall stablish you, and keep you from evil.



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