Thursday, October 23, 2014

Surviving Menopause Without HRT

 Due to sugary I have been thrown into surgical menopause. Let me say I am not giving any medical advice here~ only sharing what is working for me.  I have spent hours researching and made my choices as I recommend others to do. Finding the right choice is important and for me and it helped hearing other people's real life stories.

I am terribly afraid of HRT. If you are doing good with it I am very happy it is working for you. After major surgery I was giving myself blood thinner shots to keep from developing blood clots! (NO FUN!) Yet sent home with HRT patches that can carry the risk of producing  blood clots. I just could not wrap my mind around that. I studied all the risk verses the benefits~talked with my Doctor~ for me I just could not bring myself to take the HRT.

I am  handling menopause beautifully. Actually feeling better than I have in several years. I am celebrating that!

Here is my more natural approach to this roller coaster ride.

* Black Cohosh ~ If I could say it a thousand times this has been a miracle herb for me. I started it about a year ago and it relieved my hot flashes, mood swings, and horrible body aches. It even gave me more energy. I take 540MG a day. ( My doctor advised that 900 MG is an overdose.) What I found in my research and discussed with my doctor is that it may cause liver damage~ more testing needs to be done. My liver enzymes were perfect and I will have them checked again in six months as per my doctor's recommendation. I was so thrilled that my doctor was on board with me because for me this works.

* doTerra Oils~  I am a new believer in essential oils. NO REALLY! They are amazing. I am using the Clarycalm at night before I go to bed. I use others for different reasons but that is another post. You can read about it here! I am so sold on these oils !

* Water~ I am drinking water all day long. As much as I can drink. It is helping with dry skin and hot flashes and making me feel well in general. I keep an iced cold water bottle at all times. It helps me say no to all the other stuff .

*  Diet and Exercise~ There is nothing like the word cancer to shock you into better health. Mine did not turn out to be cancer but my  hysterectomy jolted me into taking my health more serious. We only get one body and we need to treat it well. I have found out that certain foods aid in this process and certain foods make symptoms worse. I would rather heal my body with food and exercise rather than taking medicine. Here is an article that says it best~ click here.

All of these things have helped me not only recover from major surgery but are managing this roller coaster in life called menopause. And that is reason to celebrate this beautiful day.



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