Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our 2014 Christmas Puzzle~ Sort Of Reminds Me Of Life

Each year I search for the Christmas puzzle of the year. This year my boys seem to keep my garage humming with projects or just a little something that needs to be tweaked so I thought this puzzle seemed fitting. In case you don't, believe me, ~ how many 18-year-old boys have three cars? 

Some years the puzzle has been an old fashioned General Store. Others it was snowmen~ those are the hardest. I mean snow looks like snow. We have even completed a challenge or two from others who picked a hard one and wanted just to see if we could complete it. I must confess~ I am the organizer. I find the edges and corners and group the colors together. I like getting it all organized so that it comes together easier.  Actually~ My Brian is the puzzle master with a second prize going to our Hannah. 

This morning I am thinking life is much like a puzzle. Sometimes I just can't find the edges in the pile of 1000 pieces. Sometimes I  don't think it looks right at the beginning. At times I cram pieces together that look like they should fit but they most certainly don't fit together.  I think maybe they made a mistake or dropped a piece when they were packaging all those tiny pieces in the box. However ~ that is never the case. By the time the very last piece fits together to complete the picture that I so carefully chose~ it all fits together just perfect.

Oh, life~ I look at the pieces and wonder how in the world it is all going to complete the perfect plan that God has. This morning I wrote in my journal to God that I need some answers to some questions I have. Some decision I need to make ~ some paths I need to walk and some emptiness that I need to be filled. 

As I ponder the Christmas story today I am focused on Joseph. I wonder just how distraught he must have felt when the love of his life told him she was going to have a baby. He knew it was not his child. Imagine the pain, the hurt, the rejection and the betrayal he must have felt.  The scriptures tell us he was considering putting her away. Back in those days, adultery was punished by death. It only mentions  putting her away~ which tells me he really loved her. He was at a place where he could not see how the pieces of his life could fit together. I am sure he could not have known the picture that would  complete the greatest love story of all time. 

 Here is the good part~ when the angel spoke to him backing up Mary's story~ he believed. He had to be a man of great faith to believe that story!  NO kidding!  Yet we get to see the most beautiful picture of love and sacrifice that took place after all the pieces of the puzzle were fit together.

 May we  give grace and love to those in our lives. Everyone has pieces of the puzzle that are hard and just don't seem fit together. Today I am considering the quiet people in my family and in the world who have decisions to make, unexpected events in their lives and those who are struggling with big decisions. We ALL  need grace and the love of Christ~ that is a good enough reason to give it others. 



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