Saturday, December 6, 2014

How To Make A Christmas Urn~

Tis the season for empty pots~ not pretty!
Here is an easy way to fill them up for the winter season.

Gather supplies from your yard or ask a neighbor if you can clip a branch or two
Lowes will give away the branches they cut off the fresh trees that are sold.
Most places will if you just ask. They are just thrown away.
I have several types of Pine trees in my yard and Boxwood too. 
I gathered them in a wheel barrel. I like a few logs also.
If the soil is frozen~ pour warm water in it or take it inside to soften.

Start placing the tallest beaches around in a circle 
and keep going until you like what you see.
I like to place smaller boxwood branches in the front.
I placed some sticks and branches in the center for height~ you can 
paint them if you want to.  Pine cones are nice also.
When you are finished~ water the soil real good to give some moisture.
After it freezes everything will stay nice and secure.
The arrangement will be fresh and green for about a month.

I added a few ornaments with floral picks wired to them.
Store bought floral picks are great but just anything you have in those Christmas decorations work.

I added a little garden rabbit to this urn.

Wishing you lots of Christmas love and sprinkles too !



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