Friday, April 10, 2015

How In The World Can I Be Vitamin D Deficient?

This is me doing what I love best~ sitting by a pool with my Aunt. I am dark complected and she has always been fair. We both were diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency. I have spent my life in the sun. I tan easy and spent most of my life not wearing sunscreen.  I have always had an addiction to the sun. Yet~ I have been diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency. 

That doesn't sound so bad but I have been battling horrible muscle and joint pain and all over body ache  for a couple of years. Just the last couple of months I hurt so bad it was difficult to walk. About a month ago I woke up and could hardly walk to the next room.

Did you know that most people need to take Vitamin D3 after the age of 50~ as per my Doctor's recommendation? Did you know wearing sunscreen blocks you from getting Vitamin D from the sun? Did you know that Vitamin D gets misdiagnosed for Fibromyalgia and many other Auto-Immune diseases such as Lupus and MS? Did you know that you may develop many horrible diseases if you stay in Vitamin D deficiency? This is all news to me and that is why I am sharing it with you. 

Since being on a Clinical Strength Vitamin D3~ 10,000 IU's (the last three weeks) all the pain has gone away. I am feeling better than I have in a few years.  * I am not a Doctor and this is just my experience not medical advice. Please check with your health care provider and have your levels checked. I am under a Doctors care and dosage.*

This is a great article to read about the risk and symptoms. Please take a moment to read this ~ it could just save your life. Click here!  Pinterest is loaded with good articles too~ just search Vitamin D deficiency and you will find a wealth of information.


Amy said...

I just went thru the same thing. The pain in my knee and my body was terrible. In my situation, the vitamin D really helped me also.

I was told by my Doctor that I also needed to add B12 and Magnesium. I take the Magnesium at night and I sleep so much better. I take 250 mg of Magnesium every night before bed.

God Bless and have a wonderful day.

The Homestead Lady said...

Hi Carrie! I wanted to stop by and comment on this post...I had a hysterectomy in my early 20's I am now in my late 40's...surgical menopause is a booger, but you will get through it! I have never done any kind of suppliments, I just suffered through...On the Vitamin D3...Like you I live in the sun in the spring and summer months. We have a small farm and garden so we spend lots of time outdoors. My legs hurt me so bad for years before, like you I found a christian doctor that was not only and MD/DO but a naturopath as well...She immediately suspected Vitamin D3 deficiency...she tested and sure enough my levels were in the lower 20's and they need to be in the 50's...I now take 50,000 iu's every other day of a good quality suppliment that I get at a health food store and I am getting better...I also have Vitamin B issues and I take prescription strenth Vitamin B's...The B vits I take are in a medical food called Metanx, you can google will find information about it being used in Diabetics, I am not a diabetic however I do have neuropathy...I wanted to let you know your not alone and I will keep you in my prayers...

Much Love in Christ,
The Homestead Lady

Scrappy quilter said...

WOW I'm so happy that you found this out and that you are feeling better than you have in years. I wonder why more people don't know about this.

Sun Valley Homestead said...

Wow, so grateful that God lead you to this doctor and you are feeling better.

Thank you for sharing this information you have probably helped more people than you realize. I'm one of them:-)


Sandi said...

I'm not a doctor :), but I read somewhere that a lot of women have problems absorbing Vitamin D because of low fat diets.

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Carrie, I think by your sharing this it will help so many people, I started back on my D3 also as I always feel so much better when on it!
Blessing, Roxy

Down On The Farm said...

So, so happy you are feeling back to "normal" (whatever normal is haha)!! God is so good! Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Praying for you all, each and every day!



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