Thursday, April 9, 2015

Why I Couldn't Walk~ Very Important Message

If you are having horrible muscle pain, stiffness, joint pain and all over not feeling well~ please read my story.

 I am not Doctor and I am not giving medical advice but I want to share my story.  Almost two years ago~ I began to experience severe muscle aches and joint pain at the end of the day when I would get tired. I was walking on an average of 3-4 miles a day. It would get worse after I walked. I felt as though I was coming down with the flu only to sleep at night and wake up feeling better. It began to get worse. I went to my Doctor who thought I had developed an Auto-Immune disease.  In hope that my serotonin levels were low and it would help ~,my Doctor offered me Anti-Depressants. I refused this treatment. 

 I am a good Dr. Mom and a Homeschool Mom of 23 years. I decided to do what I do best~ RESEARCH. I began taking Black Cohosh~ it is an anti-inflammatory so it helped.  The pains all went away for several months but came back in the fall. ( Probably because I was getting the sun in the summer.) I went to the Doctor. After a complete exam and blood work, they discovered a mass in my ovary. But blood work showed no Auto-Immune disease. They checked for Lupus~ no there also.  I was sent to a Cancer Treatment Center for a complete hysterectomy and it turned out not to be cancer. However ~ it was the type of mass that turned to cancer.  I have been grinning and bearing surgical menopause ~ which is all I can say about that. (Some natural Progesterone cream is working miracles.)

About a month ago I woke up and could hardly walk to the next room. I spent the day in bed and begin researching again. I called my Doctor who wanted to do all the testing again that I had done last September~ over $1000 worth of blood work.  All showed no Auto-Immune disease just six months ago. This did not add up~ I have had the symptoms on and off for two years but clearly getting worse. 

I prayed and asked God for wisdom and direction. I begin seeing a Christian Natural Doctor. The first thing he did was send my hair off for analysis to rule out lead and mercury poisoning. It came back that I was low on Calcium and Magnesium . So we did lab work testing for these things but included Vitamin D. The lab results came back that I was severely Vitamin D deficient. By this time my hips were aching horribly. He started me on a regimen of clinical strength Vitamin D3 three times a day. I just want you to know~ I am a lover of the sun. I am darker skinned and I get lots of sun which confused me a bit~ yet it was still an issue for me. Here are the symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency.  Click here. Many times it is misdiagnosed as an Auto-Immune Disease. Chick here. If left untreated it can cause serious diseases in our body. 

My symptoms were joint pains, (mostly in my legs) arms ached, my lower back ached. As time went along my hips begin to hurt terribly making it hurt to walk. It would hurt in the morning when my feet hit the floor to take a step. My muscles felt like they were tightening up all night and I constantly felt the need to stretch them out.  In overcompensating for the pain my hip bone and pelvic bone on one side were out of joint. I just felt achy all over. 

 I started Vitamin D3 two weeks ago and I felt the pain ease after the first day. My Doctor said my numbers were almost unreadable and it will take a couple months to really feel better. I am here to tell you two weeks later I walked two miles today.  

Please have your Doctor check your Vitamin levels if you are experiencing any of these symptoms. I am so thankful for a Christian Doctor who found the problem rather than just treating the symptoms. My Doctor explained that when our body suffers a severe stress ~it will go to your weak link.  I am rejoicing today. He tells me that when our body hurts it is screaming out for something and we need to find what it needs. I am a believer now. 


Intentional Living Homestead said...

Thank you, thank you for posting this.

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Carrie, Well, praise the Lord!
May you make a full recovery!
Blessings, Roxy

NanaNor's said...

Dear Carrie, I'm so thrilled to read this-yeah! I take Vitamin D daily, actually 3 capsules daily and my levels have been good. I'm amazed that this could have been missed when you first were tested.
I went through menopause 13 yrs ago and since I just had the hysterectomy, I don't need to do any therapy...even natural.
Sending love your ways.

Danice G said...

Oh Carrie. Such an inspirational and informative post. So glad that you are getting better. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Thank you so much for posting this Carrie. You would not believe the perfect timing of this post. You would think here I would get enough sun exposure but after reading your post do you know what I am thinking that maybe I am deficient in Vitamin D. I have been experiencing joint pain mainly in my wrists and feet, and occasionally knees and hip for some months now but as it not overly painful - just achy I was ignoring it. But would you believe today - I popped out to the secondhand barn down the road and was walking on the hard concrete and the guy in there asked me if I had hip pain! I must have been limping unconsciously! I had been walking around on the concrete floor in thin soled pumps and realized my ankles were aching more than ever and they still are. I also woke up this morning feeling stiff with aching arms. I thought as I read your post I must get myself some vitamin D then remembered buying some a while ago as I had read it was a good vitamin for older women to take. Just checked in my fridge and sure enough there's a half full bottle of Vitamin D3 clinical strength. Wonder if it improves memory too so I don't forget to keep on taking it! I am starting these up again right now and I will report back! You are a gem Carrie! Thank You!

Trace4J said...

So very happy for you.
You've been in my prayers.
Thank you for sharing.
Spring Blessings

Patty said...

Carrie, I'm so glad that the doctor found this issue. Like you, I'm outside a lot because I'm a gardener. So it really floored me last year when my doctor told me I was vitamin D deficient. How could that be ? I thought we only needed 15 minutes of sun a day, and I was outside for hours! She did put me on vitamin D pills, and I'm picking up lab results today to see where I am now, but since she didn't call me, I must be good. Recently, Dr. David Agus spoke on CBS This Morning saying that Vitamin D pills is not doing anything for people taking it, but after researching this, I believe he means that it's not doing anything for our heart. It obviously is doing something for our other parts. I was going to stop taking it, but after reading your story, I will stay with it, because I have some joint and hip aches, and have just started walking again for my heart. Thank you for sharing your experience with this. I think we are much more likely to listen closer to our bodies after hearing from another woman than we are the many doctors that we visit.


Camille said...

Thank you SO much for sharing your journey with us, Carrie. I appreciate it with all my heart! XO

Scrappy quilter said...

Thank you for this post. I'm so glad you are feeling better and found the issue.

Down On The Farm said...

So thankful that you are feeling better! And that you found a good doctor! Blessings to you my friend!

Marmee's Pantry said...

Excellent that you found out what it is & that it can be taken care of, relatively easy. Another thing you may want to try is hyalauronic acid, specifically a product called Baxyl. I felt a difference upon waking up the 4th day!

God bless your recovery.

Blessings from Ohio, Kim<><

Unknown said...

So glad your doing better! My doctor put me on 2000 mg. of vit. d once I hit 50. I'm taking black cohash for menopause and it helps alot.

HOPE said...

Hi's been YEARS since I've been blogging and recently looked up my blog for friend and decided to check with past blogging friends! So glad to find you again.
Your post is significant. Even those of us who do take supplements, forget how important being consistent with them is. Magnesium is sooo important for so many issues in our body. Vit D is the supplement that research found fights CANCER! You have to take Calcium WITH Vit D in order for both to benefit. I found this out at the time..I had breast cancer. Im a 5 yr. survivor now!
I did go on a med that my DR. said would help with menopause and Fibromyalgia...She did NOT tell me how HORRIBLE it would be to stop this med. EFFEXOR. It only worked for a year and then I noticed my sysmptoms getting worse..sweating ect. I am OFF it now..but the withdrawls of dizziness (by the way miss ONE dose and it does this) HORRIFIC.
I've learned to research ANY med a doctor suggest. But with GOD"s help ..Im going as MED free as possible and researching Vitamins that are essential to our health as we age.
Thanks for your post...hope to visit you often now.
God bless..



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