I Don't Want To Be A Troublemaker

Do you have someone in your life that just loves to cause trouble? Someone who likes to take your words and twist them and use them against you. A person who wants to cause harm or discredit another person to make themselves appear on a higher level in this game of life.  A troublemaker will try to discredit those they are jealous of and will eventually discredit themselves. 

It is my tendency when this happens to get angry and want to defend myself. My anger is wrong. God wants us to trust Him even with troublemakers. I am not judge and jury. The Bible says we all will give an account to Him~ including myself. How I handle those who try to discredit me is my business. We don't have to defend ourselves. We don't need to impress others but just be who we are in Christ. He loves us unconditionally.

Let's go even a step further. We can choose to be a peacemaker instead of a troublemaker.  We can stand up in a loving way without crushing their spirit. We can pray that that person who means to cause strife will ask God to change them into peacemakers instead of troublemakers. I can choose to kill with kindness and pray God will change their hearts. While I am at it pray that God will keep me from being a troublemaker.  I so don't want to cause any more strife in a world full of pain! 

Psalm 7:15 He made a pit, and digged it, and is fallen into the ditch which he made.

 May we remind ourselves that the trouble we cause will recoil on ourselves and the strife it causes will come down upon our own heads.  I pray God will keep my thoughts and mind stayed on what is good and what is right so that I don't wound others by being a troublemaker.


  1. Well said, Carrie. This is a lesson that we all need to learn, and apply to our own lives. As always, thank you for this post. 'Great title also :)

  2. Your words are so very true. It is EASY to be angry and yet anger solves nothing and is NOT how God wants us to handle situations. He tells us to live in peace with everybody! Praying for you and yours today my friend!

  3. You are a sweet blessing my friend. Hugs to you! Camille

  4. This is so true, I needed to hear this. We just went through some very traumatic issues over the past few months due to lies being told about our family. I am angry and bitter over the pain one person caused and now that is has finally settled down, she has moved only to find out she is trying to rekindle the lies once again.

  5. Carrie, I left my last job because of a troublemaker. She made others miserable with her lies and deceit. Yet, she called herself a Christian. I tried hard to be the peacemaker, but in the end, the evil prevailed in that place. They are gone now, and my friends still there are safe again. I know that God will deal with the troublemakers in his own way. Oddly, I was thankful for the trouble which caused me to leave, because my mom was soon diagnosed with ovarian cancer and I was able to care for her until she died. I know God had his hand in that.

  6. Thank you for being honest in this post. Sometimes I get so tired of reading all the good, Pinterest worthy posts and I just want to know that there are other humans out there!

    So, again, thank you for being real.

  7. I enjoyed reading your post and agree with you. It's often so hard to do. Thanks for your post.

  8. "We can pray that that person who means to cause strife will ask God to change them into peacemakers instead of troublemakers."

    There is a song with the line, "There is still hope for the hopeless sinner who would hurt all mankind just to save his own." Powerful line, but it is true. God works.


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