Monday, August 24, 2015

I've Lost That "Blogging" Feeling

My blog~ well there is that. I have just lost that "blogging" feeling. I am not sure why~ partly because I am at a new season in life~ partly because I have just hit a brick wall.  Partly because I have just been having too much fun living life the old fashioned way.  I have so enjoyed the lazy days of summer and spending time with family. 

Ever heard the slogan~ "Oil is cheap; engines are expensive?" Adding a quart of oil is nothing compared to replacing an engine. I am changing my oil so to speak and recharging my batteries.  Maintenance is a vital for our lives~ physically and spiritually. 

 David is crying out to God in Psalms 5:3. He is pouring out his heart in praise and thanksgiving and making his request known unto God. He knew the importance of connecting to his power source. When we take time to seek God it is not some magical thing~ just pure and simple maintenance to fill our minds and hearts with His presence to help us to continue on in this journey of life. 

I pray you are enjoying your journey with God today. 


Camille said...

Beautiful post, Carrie. Yes, there are *seasons* in life...I agree! Perhaps this is a little time of quiet for you...and, that is just fine!! Sending hugs your way today. With Love, Camille

Down On The Farm said...

When it is time to focus on your blog again, you will know it. And God will once again let you know what HE wants you to share with your readers. I look forward to that time. Until then, rest in His Holiness and let Him pour out His Holy Spirit upon you. Praying for you my friend!

Scrappy quilter said...

I know exactly what you are saying. Enjoy your quiet time with our Lord. You will know the right time to come back, if ever. Hugs

Patty said...

Carrie, I don't see how you bloggers do this on a regular basis. I put together a blog a few times just to show people at home what we were doing on vacation. That stuff is a lot of work !! It really bit into my downtime at the end of an evening on the road. Made me a bit angry. It has to be a good thing to take time to step away. Perhaps you are being led to spend more time with your family for a reason. I agree with Down on the Farm... maybe you will be shown something special to share with us. Personally, I'd rather have terrific new blog entries from a blogger LESS often, than the same stuff every other day. Follow your heart, Carrie, it has to be for a sweet reason.

Lynn said...

Well enjoy your blog break, if it is time to take a break. I agree with you, getting refreshed and rejuvenated is important, especially when we are getting used to a new season of life. Love the picture of you in your sidebar -- orange looks great on you!



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