Friday, March 20, 2015

It's A Fabulous Friday At Farming On Faith~ Splashes Of Joy

 Good Morning Blog Friends
Oh man~ the sun is warming things up around here and making all things new~ fresh and green. The birds are singing and my heart is too. I am so excited that Spring has sprung. I have a weekend of getting my hands in some dirt. How about you?

I am counting my blessings and naming them one by one. Have you ever seen those little pebbles that have faith, love and joy engraved on them? Well this morning I have decided to list my pebbles of joy. How about you leave me your pebbles of joy too? I am going to pick one of your joyful post and send a  special gift to a random friend this very week.

My Pebbles of Joy
Being held in God's arms
A kiss from my Brian

A call from my girls

A hug from my son

A visit with my grands

Best Friends
The words~I love you
Dime store bubble bath
Bubble Baths
Raspberry tea on my porch

 Yellow Roses
A love letter
A newborn baby
Beautiful perfume
The song of a mockingbird
A new box of stationery
A choir singing
The feel of clean hair
Fall leaves
A fire
Answered prayer
Rest after pain
Homemade bread
Cinnamon rolls
Christmas lights

A box of new crayons
Isaiah 41:10
A problem resolved
Sleep when a crisis is passed
Finding a lost earring
A happy ending
Fresh linens on my bed
The first garden tomato
Old love letters
The right answer at the right time
A comfortable chair
Chocolate fudge
Ice Cold Diet Coke
A clean house
Breakfast with a friend
A snowball cupcake
My family
 Old Glory

Psalms 34:8
 O taste and see that the Lord is good: blessed is the man that trusteth in him.



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