Friday, April 10, 2015

How In The World Can I Be Vitamin D Deficient?

This is me doing what I love best~ sitting by a pool with my Aunt. I am dark complected and she has always been fair. We both were diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency. I have spent my life in the sun. I tan easy and spent most of my life not wearing sunscreen.  I have always had an addiction to the sun. Yet~ I have been diagnosed with severe Vitamin D deficiency. 

That doesn't sound so bad but I have been battling horrible muscle and joint pain and all over body ache  for a couple of years. Just the last couple of months I hurt so bad it was difficult to walk. About a month ago I woke up and could hardly walk to the next room.

Did you know that most people need to take Vitamin D3 after the age of 50~ as per my Doctor's recommendation? Did you know wearing sunscreen blocks you from getting Vitamin D from the sun? Did you know that Vitamin D gets misdiagnosed for Fibromyalgia and many other Auto-Immune diseases such as Lupus and MS? Did you know that you may develop many horrible diseases if you stay in Vitamin D deficiency? This is all news to me and that is why I am sharing it with you. 

Since being on a Clinical Strength Vitamin D3~ 10,000 IU's (the last three weeks) all the pain has gone away. I am feeling better than I have in a few years.  * I am not a Doctor and this is just my experience not medical advice. Please check with your health care provider and have your levels checked. I am under a Doctors care and dosage.*

This is a great article to read about the risk and symptoms. Please take a moment to read this ~ it could just save your life. Click here!  Pinterest is loaded with good articles too~ just search Vitamin D deficiency and you will find a wealth of information.



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