Monday, May 11, 2015

I Am Reaching For The Son

This is my second year in our new home. All the flowers I had mastered as a gardener just don't work here. My last home faced the east and west. Both front and back blessed me with full sun up and sun down.  I had to have flowers that withstood the high heat and were labeled full-sun. My new home faces the northeast and the south. Nothing worked quite right last year. My plants were lifeless and although they were not quite dead they never grew. They stayed stagnant.  I tweaked things and transplanted things.  My pots and baskets were just not vibrant the entire season. However ~ the things I transplanted to new spots took off when I found where they could reach for the sun. 

 This year I visited long and hard with my Amish friend.  With her guidance and my friend Pam~ who just happens to know all there is to know about gardening~ I am having success. It is amazing how well they are flourishing already. What fun it has been to have plants and flowers I would have never picked out. I kind of don't like change so I always pick the safe and steady Geraniums, Spikes with white Alyssum and some trailing Ivy. Although they are beautiful I have been in this rut for years and years. This year I have Lemon Slice Calibrachoa,  Ever Bearing Hydrangeas, Orange Symphony Osteospermum ~ just to name a few. See what I mean? 

I feel much the same. I have been transplanted it seems in all areas of my life. Once I would have been paralyzed with fear.  But now I am watching God unfold new chapters in my life. I feel alive and re-charged. Instead of going through the motions I am giving it my all. I feel on fire for God. I am trusting God to new levels and praying for His will day- by- day and step- by -step in a brand new way. I am experiencing my walk with Jesus like never before. Not for what I can do but what He can do. I have the tendency to be performance driven ~ but God is teaching me the best I have will never match what He has already done for me. I am learning to climb up in my Heavenly Father's lap and rest and He is healing my weary soul. It has been a painful process when God does some transplanting in our lives. I have learned God never wastes pain~ He always uses it for our good.  I am flourishing and growing in new ways just reaching for the Son. 



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