Thursday, January 7, 2016

Why In The World Do I Blog?

Photo Credit~ My Very Own Gypsy Girl

Since I started Farming On Faith life has taken many different turns. I have made some real friends and found a special prayer warrior.(Whom I plan to meet in person over a Diet Coke in this New Year.)  I have wept and cried with a friend as she battled and won her fight against breast cancer. I prayed with a friend from Down Under when her girl was missing and found safe and sound. I learned all about raising chickens and still live through your stories because I had to give mine up. I cried tears with a friend that lost her battle to cancer and moved on to Glory leaving behind her husband and small children. I wonder as I visit a friend's blog who just disappeared. I think she too has taken her final flight to Heaven. Good for her but sad for me. I have enjoyed meeting friends in Christ and praying and laughing mostly with a few tears scattered in between.

Last year~ I took some needed time away to spend  time in the desert~ not sure why but God does. In those moments I thought of shutting down my blog altogether. I felt as though I had nothing to share. I felt empty and dry. Many times I asked myself~ "Why in the world do you blog? "
I took a break from many things in my life including blogging because I had fallen in a "rut." My spiritual life had become so routine so much that connecting with God had just become part of my datebook. I needed a time of connecting with God. All the changes and directions in my life had left me confused and wondering around much like the children of Israel. I needed to feel the Holy Spirit moving in my life~ not just following the "churchy" schedule I had followed for 40 years. I needed a re-awaking. I asked myself some hard questions about a lot of things~ including this blog. 

 When it becomes about me or the applause/likes and numbers~that will be the day I need to shut down this blog and all the other media sights. 

I need God ~ I love God ~ I am nothing on my own~ In me dwells no good thing. It is all about what He has done in my life ~ what He is doing in my life~ and will continue to do in my life. I blog to simply share my wonderful and amazing GOD.

Psalm 63:1~ O God, thou art my God; early will I seek thee: my soul thirsteth for thee, my flesh longeth for thee in a dry and thirsty land, where no water is;

If you are still here and still reading~ I am back~ so very thankful to be back. 


Down On The Farm said...

AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! I am where you are my sweet friend. I don't want to just go through the motions of Christianity. I want a deeper relationship with Jesus. I don't want to pray out of obligation. I want to pray with the power of the Holy Spirit. I don't want to read my Bible so that I can check that off my list for the day. I want God's WORD to come alive in my heart and move me to serve Jesus as never before. I want my heart to break for what breaks His heart. I want everyone to see Him in me. Not for me, but for Him. I have a hymn on a heart and it's been there for days . . . "Jesus paid it all, all to Him I owe. Sin had left a crimson stain, He washed it white as snow." He gave His life for me. I need to honor Him with every second of mine. Not with part-time Christianity, and weak faith. But with a full GET THEE BEHIND ME SATAN ATTITUDE. I am praying for the Holy Spirit to anoint both of us TO SERVE HIM WITH EVERY OUNCE OF OUR BEING. I love you my friend!!! Jesus is Lord!!!!

Notthatkindoffarmer said...

Great article!I am delighted to read this article.
Thanks for sharing.

Camille said...

Isn't it interesting the twists and turns this blogging world takes? I am glad you are back! And, may you know the Lord's gracious and loving hand upon you each step of the journey. How precious it is to belong to Him. How wonderful it is to know His people through this means. Hugs to you! Love, Camille

Patty Sumner said...

I am glad you are back and I so enjoyed the honesty from your heart today.. I took a year off too. I begin blogging again in December.. As women, we feel so much pressure to just fit be accepted for who we are.. The blog world has so many wonderful "perfect" blogs. sometimes making me feel less than.. or when no one visits.. you wonder..why? why in the world do I blog? I have concluded... I blog for me...for the ability to be be real.. if only to myself. I want to give God glory in my blog too. Not always the most popular blogs but I know God smiles as he sees our hearts and our homes and our lives..Thanks for being real today.. I appreciate it and really needed this today.. Blessings!

Betsy said...

I have often asked myself why I blog. Well, I've made some wonderful friends. Some I will most likely never meet this side of Heaven, but I have also met several. We now consider each other good friends. I'm glad you're back. I don't comment much, but I read always and the things you share never fail to bless me in some way.

Anonymous said...

So very were missed.

Cheryl said...

Happy to hear you are back. Have always enjoyed your blog and it has been a blessing.

My blogging has been put on the back burner for a few months now, sometimes we just need a break.

We do serve and awesome God.


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Carrie, I can really relate to so much of what you said. I think most of us can! And when we can blog and enjoy the journey and grow and make friends that is ideal. But there will be times we will just need to stop and take stock of our priorities and purpose. I have always enjoyed you and I feel as if you are a dear friend, and no pressure and we do not have to preform!
I appreciate you and your being transparent! And remember you had a rough patch with your health awhile back!
And you do bring glory to the Lord in all your posts!
Hugs, Roxy

Patty said...

Seems like we all find our seasons to be similar. I have blogged little over the part few years. No heart to share most of the time. Some difficult days and changes that come with women growing older and living day by day with a new reality. God does not always choose to spare His children from the harsh realities that life can bring. I too feel as if I have been in the desert or wilderness. God is still good and God is still God! We are still His and He can awaken and renew. May this year bring a new hope and opportunities that we can grasp and live for Jesus! Looking forward to dropping over to read what you share. Say a prayer for me and I will say a prayer for you, and the other ladies that drop by here also! Blessings!

oneme said...

Hi Carrie! I have followed your blog for at least 2 yrs. now and I've always felt "sun shiny" and joyful when reading your blog. I was concerned after all this time of following "what was wrong?" I so agree w/everything you said about needing that connection time and So much more NOW in these very concerning days we are living in. I believe there is a "calling out" happening and as you described in this post the "churchy" schedule doesn't seem to be "real" if you know what I mean. I too have been a journey but, mine is a bit different. He certainly has been "Faithful" and I'm determined to walk as he would have me too. I too had an early childhood similar to yours but, my Mom said yes to Jesus; it still wasn't a picinic but, my dad Did say yes also later on and we got to know he was right before he made his flight to heaven. I wont linger any longer but, I appreciate your kind and loving words and THE word you share w/us all and the "delicious" recipes! I have made the "Christmas jelly" 2wice now and gave as gifts that was well liked. Thank you for allowing me a "non blogger" to comment. Only because of Jesus...Sandy



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