We Have Moved On~

 This is a re-post from earlier in the spring when we decided that God was moving us. I just felt the need to re-read it and thought maybe I should share the update. God sold our house in two weeks when we were out of town, He dropped our new home right in our lap, He has given us a church that we love. We moved and everything was settled before my husband started a new school year at his new position here.  We surrendered to the Lord and He parted the seas as we stepped out into the unknown. We have had our moments of separation anxiety from those we left behind. I have had my doubts about fitting in ~ we still sometimes wonder just what God has planned as we serve here in our new city.  He has been faithful and He can be trusted. My new life is unfolding here but I can tell you it is much the same in that I am trusting my Heavenly Father one step at a time.

Re-post from April~

 I have been busy with life. God has finally given us a clear direction and has opened the door to our next chapter. We know God has called us to serve Him in a new place.  It is time for us to move on. 

There is much to be done as I pack up 30 years of family keepsakes and prepare for a three-hour move. There is always gaining through losing.  It is not far but I am leaving behind my hometown and family.  In two weeks we will be moving to Jefferson City, Mo. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us in the little historic home of our beautiful and majestic State Capitol. 

I never get tired of seeing this.

 The Missouri Governor's Mansion

I am so thankful that when our world changes~ we can stand on God's promises. We can build new dreams even when we are filled with doubts. God has been preparing me for a couple of years for this move. He goes before us and prepares us for His call on our lives. 

My journey has changed directions and in the surrender of my need to be in control God has given me peace in the uncertainty.  God has restored the joy of my salvation and given me a new direction. In the midst of it all ~I have found that God is my all and all.

I sort of feel like a child of Israel coming out of the wilderness. I am not certain what my new life will look like but I am sure of God's promises and I am standing on every one of them. I will be back soon!

Joshua 24:14King James Version (KJV)

14 Now therefore fear the Lord, and serve him in sincerity and in truth: and put away the gods which your fathers served on the other side of the flood, and in Egypt; and serve ye the Lord.


  1. Once again I have to thank you for you sharing. We have recently lost our business and all my daddy's treasures that was left here with my husband and I to a fire. All is destroyed and we have spent the last week trying to figure out what is even going on around us. This is exactly what I needed to read this morning. You have not posted so I almost didn't look this morning. Something in my heart kept telling me to look. GOD is so good to lead us when we will stop and listen.

    Thank you again and I pray you continue to be blessed in all your new adventures.


  2. No doubt in my mind that God is in the midst of this. He has gone before you and prepared the way. Just keep trusting and being obedient. He has a wonderful work for you in Jefferson City!!! And He is blessing ME in the process :)!!! Hope to see you soon friend!!!

  3. So glad things are coming together. Who knows what God has for you on the horizon! Saying a prayer that your move will go smoothly. Blessings!

  4. Hi Carrie! I wanted to ask you a question about a possible review opportunity for author Dawn Crandall but the email listed in your "contact me" page returned to me. Would you email me at meezcarrie (at) gmail (dot) com if you are interested? Thanks so much! Carrie @ ReadingIsMySuperPower.org

  5. Excited for you, but I know how hard change can be. You have the best outlook, as always! Maybe we can have a blogger get-together or at least lunch sometime.. seems we have several in that area and I am not that far away either! Bless you and yours.. prayers for a smooth transition in all ways. It is a beautiful area you are moving to! -Tammy

  6. I am sure you will find that the Lord goes before you in this move and as you settle into your new home and location. What a big change....but, you are doing the right thing by keeping your heart settled on the Lord. Rest in Him! Hugs, Camille

  7. He is ever faithful. Trusting Him can be so difficult, but He never fails. Blessings beautiful friend!

  8. I'm behind on my blogging and blog visiting! I do see you around once in awhile on Instagram, though. :) I didn't know about the move...bless you on your new journey. I have migrated from blogger to a new dot com so please bookmark me, visit and leave a comment too! Thanks.



  9. So I have been away from blogland for such a long time....when did you move? And is this the same place you moved from a long time ago...or a second time now?


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