Thursday, October 13, 2016

Need A Little Love? 66 Ways God Loves You~ Book Review

 Sarah Rothschild shares how her Grandma Sarah gave her a red leather Bible  when she was a young girl. She carried it to church each Sunday. She states, "Something deep within me knew that just like the glue on the binding held its pages together, the truth in its pages would somehow hold me together." Such profound truths for a small girl. And it did hold her together. When she turned 15 she lost her eyesight. She no longer could read her beloved Bible but the truths still held her together. She now listens to her Bible on audio or on apps on her computer or her phone but it still holds her together and  it still makes her feel loved. 

Sarah wants her readers to feel loved too. In her book, she summarizes each book of the Bible and how God records His love to us in His Word from Genisis to Revelation. 

The book starts with chapter one~ Genesis. Chapter one tells us of how God loved us when He fashioned us with his hands. In Leviticus ~ He grants access to Him. In Numbers ~ He shelters us in cities of refuge. 66 ways through 66 books of the Bible~ ending with Revelation sharing how God receives us as His treasured and beloved bride. 

This is a wonderful book of encouragement and love. It truly reminded me just how much God loves me. Thank you, Jennifer! What a wonderful book. 

This book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. 

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