Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Looks Can Be Deceiving

I bought these apples yesterday. Don't they look beautiful? They are red and shiny and make you want to sink your teeth into them. This morning I cut one up to add to our breakfast and oh-my-oh-my they were as sour as a lemon. They were so tart we could not eat them. Even our little Corgi turned her nose up at them. So guess what I did? I displayed them so they could look pretty. I will make a pie with them when I have the time because they are impossible to eat.

These apples were left over from last week. They are not pretty at all but they taste much better than the beautiful ones. They have bad spots and a little bruised here and there but they are sweet and tasty. 

Even Jesus said appearances can deceive people into thinking they are spiritual when they are not.  Our walk needs to match our talk. We can spout off all the "Christian dos and don'ts" and "religious  rants" but how close are we to God? When we are walking with God we do the right thing. When we are right with God we love others. When we are right with God we build rather than destroy.

  Have you ever found yourself in a situation where things are not at all as they appear to be? Those that look bad are not so bad and those that look good are not so good? I have been in a season of life like this for a time. I am growing a little weary of seeing it unfold.   Yet~ God sees the inside of a man~ He sees inside of me. We may fool others for a season but God will right the wrongs in His timing. 

Jesus tells a story in the Bible when the Pharisees accused him and his disciples of not washing their hands before they ate which broke the religious tradition of the day. Jesus told them that being a righteous person has more to do with the inside than the outside appearance.  He says it all right here~

Matthew 15:8King James Version (KJV)

Jesus knew that their talk did not match their walk.  They kept all the "churchy" rituals of the day but their hearts were far from God.  It is my heart's desire to never wander away from God and have a heart that is far from God. 



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