Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Summer ~ Sweet ~ Summer In Photos

My gypsy girl and I took a road trip to Kentucky. 
This just happens to be a Fudge Shop behind us~ it's not a vacation until I find the fudge.

It has been a sweet summer as we settled into our new home ~ in a little patriotic city. It has been exciting but harder than I imagined.  We have found a church that we love and we have just finished membership classes. 

I sure miss our boy we left behind along with family and friends. I sort of feel like I am at a resort rather than home. I keep adding touches here and there in hopes it will start feeling like home.

 My gypsy girl came to spend a couple weeks and she is a photographer~ so the pictures she captured are amazing.  It was great having her home.

The Missouri State Capital~ beautiful!

Our home is located right around the corner from a Nature Center and we reap the benefits. 
I love watching all the creatures big and small each day in my back yard.

A family day of pottery~

This is Sno Biz ~ a long time favorite of the locals.
Shaved ice treats~ my favorite is Sunrise which is strawberry and orange.

Annie studying the Word.

25 year Anniversary

We all had poison ivy including Pippa Lou~ poor Pip!

Lots of raspberry tea and Central Dairy ice cream~ woo hoo!

Did you happen to see the "Fresh as a Missouri Morning?"
Well, let me tell you it has been a very hot and humid summer~ not so fresh.

My little bunny who loves to eat my flowers. 

Breakfast in Kentucky

JC Rocks group went crazy this summer.
A  lady started painting rocks and placing them around town to spread joy to others. If you find a rock~ you rehome it or paint  a new one and place for someone to find.This is one I painted and left on a bench in front of a bike repair store.When you find one you post it to JC Rock facebook page. 
Hannah and I had lots of fun painting and hunting. 

One of Hannah's rocks she painted~

Jefferson City is known for its local dairy~ amazing ice cream
It also looks as though you stepped back in the 60's~ nothing has changed. 

We took a float trip with Caleb and Andrea~ we won't elaborate on that!
I tipped my kayak~ need I say more. 

These are my Texas babies and I will wrap up summer with them next week.
It was has been a sweet~ sweet summer. 

I am off to capture the last few days of summer. 

Psalm 34:8

 O taste and see that the Lord is good: 
blessed is the man that trusteth in him.



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