Friday, September 16, 2016

God Is A God Of Second Chances

Albert Einstein wrote a letter to his son~ Eduard. His advice was ~ "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving." The advice was wise and practical that the great physicist passed on to his boy.

Sort of reminds me of the Christian walk. When I gave my heart to Jesus it was forever. So ~ by faith, I keep moving ahead even when life is painful. We all have those little slivers in life that just keep us on our knees.

Sometimes in the Christian walk, we as Christians experience personal failure and lose our balance and fall. But GOD~ in His goodness is waiting to pick us up and get us moving again. The only true failure in the Christian walk is staying down and no longer moving ahead in the spiritual life.

God records a few blunders for us to realize that we to need a forgiving Saviour. Abraham lied to Pharaoh about Sarah. Jacob lied to his father to steal his brother's birthright. Moses didn't stick with God's plan by striking the rock. You know what? In spite of their blunders, this is what God had to say about them.

Hebrews 11:39

 And these all, having obtained a good report through faith,

Even though these people fell ~ they repented and turned back to God and kept moving forward in their spiritual walk. They served a God of second chances.

Guess what? He is a God of third and fourth chances too!

When To Harvest Bittersweet~

I search high and low for bittersweet each year at this time. After some research~ I found out that bittersweet was once planted by highways and railways to prevent erosion. They soon discovered that it grew out of control and reseeded itself everywhere so they stopped planting it~ bummer! I love bittersweet.

A couple of years ago I went to my local nursery and bought myself a plant. Bittersweet needs both a female and male plant to produce berries. It only takes one male plant for six to eight female plants. However ~they now have a plant that is both~which I bought. I was not so convinced but it did work.  Bittersweet must be planted by fences or trellises because they climb.

 Fall is a great time to plant bittersweet. If mulched and protected over the winter it will thrive and remain maintenance free for most of its long life.

Bittersweet is ready to be harvested when you see the orange capsules of the fruit split open to reveal fruit inside. Cut the stems the length desired and twine them up and hang them upside down in a warm~ dark place. As the berries dry they will split and crack open.  Once dried they will make a nice display that will last for many years.



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