Saturday, March 11, 2017

Hope For Your Children For Each Day~ A Billy Graham Keepsake

Oh-my-stars! This is going to be a keepsake for sure. I have admired the faith and testimony of Billy Graham always. We have been told he is growing weary and tired which makes this all the more special.  I am so excited to read this little devotional for children.

Billy Graham said, "Every day I turn to the Bible to give me strength and wisdom for the day and hope for the future." Which can be seen in a life well lived for God. What a blessing.

I can think of no better way to teach your child to do the very same just as Billy Graham has done. The Hope for Each Day was written for adults and this devotional has been taken from the adult version and put in terms that children of all ages can benefit from reading.

I am love with everything about this devotional.  It is a thick book with a hard back cover full of devotions for each day of the year. I highly recommend this book for all parents to read to their children. The devotions for each day are absolutely wonderful.

This book was provided to me in exchange for my honest review. I rate this book with 5 stars. Great resource!

1 comment:

Down On The Farm said...

I'm a big Billy Graham fan too. What a man of God!!!



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