Wednesday, July 12, 2017

When God Says No~

 I have prayed and prayed for God to answer a certain prayer that I have been praying for many years. I look at the blessings that would come from this certain situation. It would be a huge thing in my life. Recently, I thought that God was going to answer my prayer and give me my hearts desire. I could see how God could work it all out. It even got close enough that I started making plans. I had it all figured out and God had been working in mighty ways in our lives and even answering the impossible in ways we couldn't even imagine. I mean we had trusted and obeyed and God had been pouring out His blessings left and right.

 Only thing is ~ when it came right down to the wire God chose to say “no” to me. Did you get that? He said “no” to me! And it was so close. It would have been so easy for Him to work it out. The deck had been stacked in His favor. He only needed to make it happen. Even while I peck at these keys~ I see how foolish I sound.

When He said “no” to me I threw a fit. I even cried tears. I told God just how angry I was with Him. I reminded Him how easy it would have been to give me my heart's desire. I was so mad and I wanted to stay mad. I fussed and grumbled and had a bad attitude for several days. But gently the Lord began to soften my hard heart and I confessed my sin of not accepting the Lord's will in the situation with a sweet spirit.

Just this very week as I have been praying and studying God’s Word~ He has gently impressed on me that it would just not have been the right timing for Him to have answered this prayer in my life. He knows best and even when I have a hard time trusting Him~ I still can. 

“God never withholds from His child that which His love and wisdom call good. God’s refusals are always merciful- ‘severe mercies’ at times but mercies all the same. God never denies us our hearts desires except to give us something better.” Elisabeth Elliot


Betsy said...

Oh my goodness. I see myself in this post. So often, I thought I knew what was best for me and our family and when God said no I just didn't understand. I think I may finally be maturing a bit, but I still have my days. Don't we all?

Sherri Rodgerson said...

Thanks for sharing. I am 65 years old and I have been in this place. I am reminded of the song, "Jesus Led Me All the Way". "If God should let me there review the winding paths of earth I knew, it would be proven clear and truth that Jesus led me all the way." What more can we ask?
Love you!

Anonymous said...

Amen dear friend. He is working on our perfection in Him.

Down On The Farm said...

I understand how you feel. So many times I've been so frustrated with God asking "Why?" Cause I just KNEW that my way was so much better!!! That is faith, Carrie. Trusting Him even when we do not understand. And faith is hard. Very hard. This Christian life is not an easy one, as you and I know all too well. But we believe that all things are for our good and His glory, even when it's not our choice. And while you may never know the "why" this side of heaven, isn't it a comfort to know that our God never leaves us or forsakes us. He will see you through, no matter what.

Sue said...

Great Post, I also have had to learn that God sometimes tells me no, simply because it isn't the right time, thanks for sharing.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

Your grace shines through, despite you not getting what you desired. It can be really tough, when we think we see how our plan would totally work to God's glory ... we have it all figured out!
May God give you contentment right now ... a prayer I'm praying for myself constantly too
Anne x

Liza Kirschner said...

I have had Proverbs 3:5-6 on my bathroom mirror for as long as I can remember; the little index card has moved from one house to another and then to another. Your words really hit my heart this morning. Thanks for admitting that you "threw a fit"! I have been there and back again. Yet,thankfully, His compassions never fail.



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