Friday, February 10, 2017

Happy Friday! God Is Madly And Crazy In Love With YOU!

Photo Credit~cfisherphotography

Where ever you are and whatever you are doing on this February morning I hope you know that God loves you. He is madly and crazy in love with you. He knows if you have your game on and He even knows if you have lost your zest for life. He knows what you are facing this very day and He cares. Because of God, we have hope. No matter what this life may bring our hope is found in nothing less than Jesus blood and His righteousness.  

Life here has been busy but so very exciting. I have taken a position at my church as the Women's Ministry Director and I am having the time of my life. I am so very humbled that I am privileged enough to spend my life encouraging and serving the women of my church. God has been so good and He surely has dealt bountifully with me.  

I am working on balancing life and hope to be back to my blog friends a little more often. I am missing you!  



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