Saturday, May 20, 2017

Blue Bird...Blue Bird In My Window

Last May when we moved in our new home we placed this birdhouse right outside our kitchen window. I watched as several different breeds of birds fought for the new little dwelling. Imagine my surprise when a sweet little bluebird pair made their nest. We watched as they worked so hard bringing all kinds of creative things that would make a soft little place to hatch their babies. Then the excitement grew as we heard the little chirps of new life. Momma bird would go in with worms in a loving manner. Daddy bird kind-of landed and tossed the food in and flew away. It wasn't long before the babies flew from the nest and we missed watching the whole process
 A couple months ago I noticed the pair back just checking things out. Then the whole process began all over again. These photos were captured by my Hannah when she was home visiting the past couple weeks. 

The bluebird is pretty special here in Missouri. The native Eastern Bluebird is the official bird of Missouri. It is considered a symbol of happiness. Its feathers are bright blue on top and its breast is a cinnamon color which turns rust in the fall. The bluebird is seen in early spring until late fall. It is rare to see them in my hometown of St. Joseph but here they are plentiful. I am just thrilled that they have adopted my little house. 

I can't help but think about Matthew 6 as I watch these little birds. God lovingly gave them their nature and ability to know how to care for their young. He loves them so much that Bible says He even knows when a robin falls from its nest. With an Almighty Creator who cares that much about the birds of the air just imagine how much He cares about you...... you who were made in His image. I hope you let that sink in today. The God of the Universe loves you! 

Matthew Chapter 6



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