Where Have I Been?

Missouri State Capital 

Life... oh, life! I am not sure where the time has gone. I have often been so disappointed when I have shared life with a blog friend, prayed together, encouraged each other and became friends just to have them disappear without a trace. It makes your heart sad. You wonder if they are ok... are they well? You think of them often. I have received sweet notes, cards, and gifts from such people. With that being said... I am sorry I have been absent. I have been doing life and doing it rather big.  After another email today asking where I have been, I have decided it was high time to check in with my blog friends.
 "Down on the Farm" and  "Farming On Faith" 
Robbin and Carrie 

Have you ever wondered just how neat it would be to meet your special blog friends? Well, most of you know that a couple of years ago we moved to our little capital city of Missouri. And that very thing happened. I will never forget the day my husband dropped me off at "Down On Farm." He reminded me that I had never met her in person. Her daughter told her that this meeting was so "sketch." Yet, here we are, alive to tell about it. After seven years of blogging, we now live about 20 minutes apart but work in the same town. Recently, Robbin joined me at my first Women's Retreat as a Women's Ministry Director. We had a great weekend together. We sneak away for Diet Coke and lunch when we can find the time, which needs to be more often. 

The joyful days of Summer are calling and I plan on cutting back a little and enjoying some "Central Dairy" ice cream and lazy days by the pool.  So come on by and I will meet you at the best place in Missouri for ice cream ~ fresh as a Missouri morning. 

I have missed you ~ leave me a little note so I can stop by and catch up with you. Especially for my friends who have moved here on this little world of "Blog Land."  I plan on taking time this summer to get back to blogging~ so let's connect. 


  1. You have been missed and I’m glad that all is well with you. How fun that you met a fellow blogger in real life. I, too, have had that privilege and haven’t been disappointed or killed by an ax murderer! :-). In fact, a fellow blogger and her husband just stayed with us for a week while they used our house as a B&B and explored our city. We had a great time. They are fellow Christians which made it even better.


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