Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Homespun~ Every Amish And Mennonite Woman Has A Story To Tell

I have had a love for the simpleness of the plain people for many years. I have studied their beliefs in dept and the many different communities, from the Old Order to the more progressive Mennonites.  It seems my love for these people has not been in vain. We have the privilege of loving a young Amish man who found the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and salvation by grace. Here recently we have also adopted a Mennonite lady into our family. Much of these stories are pretty much what Leah  (named changed to protect her identity) shares with me on a daily basis. She is a dear sweet woman.

In this book, each chapter is about the plain life and the struggles that these ladies have encountered. If you could sit down over a cup of tea and visit with these ladies, these are stories that they would share with you. Stories about hospitality, belonging, home, even jealousy, and doubt. Each story is signed by the author and you feel just a little connected with her life, if just for a moment. 

Make no mistake, these are the sweet side of their stories. I enjoyed this book but my recent understanding of how much abuse goes on is this community is heartbreaking. I will pray for each of these ladies and many more that are living in these communities.  While I loved the book and would rate it a 5 star ...my heart grieves for the women who are raised in this culture of abuse.  I know not all women are abused in these communities... It is a common practice, which is always hidden.



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