Verse Mapping Bible Review By Kristy Cambron

In all my years of blogging, I have been a member of the Blogger Grid at Bible Gateway. I am so blessed by the ability to look up scriptures and research the Word. It is through them that I have received a free copy of each of these Bibles that I am reviewing. I was not paid for my review... and this is my honest review. Bible Gateway is an amazing tool for studying the Bible. #BibleGatewayPartner

I am a Bible teacher and love to study God's Word. So I jumped at the chance to explore just how this verse mapping of the Bible works. I have to say I am so inspired by Kristy Cambron's approach. 
In her own words, there are 5 key steps: 

Verse mapping involves five steps:

  1. Choose: Select a verse and write it out.
  2. Compare: Record this verse in two or three other Bible translations and underline keywords that are the same or different between translations.
  3. Research: Look up the Hebrew or Greek meaning for the underlined words and record it.
  4. Consider: Ask questions of the verse. Imagine what it would be like to have experienced what’s happening. Read the verses surrounding this verse and use other study tools to dig even deeper, if you prefer.
  5. Apply: What is God saying to you? How does this verse relate to your life today?

First, let me say that I was so touched by Kristy's story. Her father gave his life to Jesus at age 60...
just a couple of years before he passed away. Upon finding his Bible she found a sea of yellow highlighted verses in his Bible. This was a priceless gift that she is forever thankful for to this day. Leaving a gift behind for the generations that come after us is priceless. I have always prayed this would be the case for my Bibles and journals of Bible study. It was encouraging to me that she treasures this gift that her father left behind. It was this gift that prompted her own mapping of the Bible just as her father had. 

What I love about this Verse Mapping Bible:
  • It starts out in the front having you date it as you begin your Bible mapping.
  •  The Bible lays flat which I love because I do a lot of writing. It's a great size and has a satin ribbon marker to keep your spot. 
  • At the beginning of each book is a bit of a study. It includes the author, date written, where it takes place, and the theme.
  • It then goes into an introduction... laying a wonderful foundation for the beginning of the study of each book.
  • It also lays out a sectional chapter by chapter themes.
  • The margins are amazingly roomy... lots of room to write.
  • The amazing study outline prompts you to take a deep study into the Bible verse by verse.
It is so important to study God's Word. Verses taken out of context can totally change the meaning of what the author intended the message to be. This guided study is amazing. It guides you step by step to dig in deep, asking questions and searching for answers. 

The Verse Mapping Study for girls starts with an encouraging letter. Kristy explains the rules to know the Bible are just that we go to the Bible for all our answers. What a needed word for this day and age our young girls find themselves. She explains that we can't assume that we know what a word or verse means... we need to look it up and study it. 

I have to say this is a fun and easy approach. I am overly impressed with this unique way to study the Bible. I am a KJV girl and really wish I could have this mapping Bible in the KJV. Both of these Bibles use the NIV. I will use the Journal with my KJV but hope maybe they can print a study for the KJV.